Trend Watch: Ski Pants

Post by CM

I never thought I’d be composing a post entitled Trend Watch: Ski Pants. Never. In a million years. But I came upon an article on Who What Wear about ‘treggings’, which featured a pair of Zara stirrup pants (read it here! The offending pair are in outfit number 5) and then started seeing the blasted things everywhere I turned, both online and IRL. Guys, they’re coming for us.

First off we must all agree that ski pants (or stirrup pants, as they’re referred as when we’re not on the slopes) are universally unflattering. They have that dragging affect that could flatten even Kim Kardashian’s derriere, and the stirrups themselves tend to stretch and get misshapen, leading to dangly pieces of material encircling your shoe. Not the greatest look. But perhaps the catwalk offerings will convince us that minds haven’t completely been lost and the new version is the athleisure look we’ve all been waiting for.





I don’t think I’m convinced. On swishy haired models chanelling the excesses of party central – 1980s ski slopes like Vail and Aspen, where the snow wasn’t the only white stuff in high supply – the look has a luxurious, elitist feel; the one that’s being aimed for I suspect. On short little Irish mice though? That remains to be seen.

It might be easier to try the ski trend on top. Pairing a polo neck under a fair isle sweater would do the trick, and I’m pretty sure the high street will be offering various versions on it in the next few weeks, like this Zara top, that’s good value at €18.

Zara top

Back in the day, I always had an irrational fear that the ski-pants stirrup would catch on something and the whole pants would come tumbling down around my ankles. Bad enough for a child forced into them by their mother, but for a grown woman trying to be fashionable? The horror! Will you be risking it, or favouring a less nostalgic winter look? Let the debate begin!



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