Trend Watch: Embroidered Jeans

Post by CM

I haven’t bought a pair of jeans in years. My favourite denim substitution items in my wardrobe is a pair of black Penney’s jeggings, acquired for the princely sum of €13. The other jeans I have in rotation are a pair of light denim straight legged jeans handed down from TM. I am one of those people for whom buying jeans is a huge endeavour and I prefer not to, hand-me-downs are a-ok with me. I’m also quite the denim purist- I prefer nice, safe, slim fit with turn-ups on the legs and a semi-dark wash – but the only jeans you’ll want to know all about for this coming season are anything but vanilla.

Embroidery, folks, is where it will be at. Embroidered jackets, embroidered bags and especially embroidered jeans. Remember when it was all about the rips? Rips up to the thigh, rips on said thigh, rips taking up more than their fair share of leg space? While they can still be seen on those who can’t bear to cover up their perfect pins, but once the temperatures start to head south they will be traded in for a wholly more floral number.

Enjoy while you can Diane, these jeans will be in the rubbish heap by October

Now, embroidered jeans may call back memories of being dressed up the same as your sister for occasions like your cousin’s Confirmation, but try to erase those thoughts and focus on the future. Take inspiration from high fashion rather than high street – Gucci has a pair that have already been spotted on Tyga, and we all know Gucci is the fashion house to follow this year (see why that is here!)

Tyga in Gucci

It’s best to avoid the matchy look; take these looks as inspiration for how it do it right:


Jeans 2

Florence Welsh was an early adopter of the trend
Dakota Johnson favours the denim jacket

Despite my leanings towards traditional denim, I’ll admit the embroidered thing is a winning look for early autumn – cosy, comfy with a touch of whimsy. Again, it’s either/or for me, jeans or jacket, and overkill might prevail once the temptation is there to wear both. For now though, get yourself this pair from Penneys (for €21 you can test the embroidered waters and not break the bank).

Penneys Jeans

Are you ready to hop on the embroidery train or stick to the straight and narrow, like I tend to do? Kinda ugly jeans (the opposite of the skinny or straight leg) are having a moment – baggy, high but not too high waisted mom-jeans in particular, so why not stick a few flowers on them and go all out? I’m almost convinced – with a nice heel and a woolen jumper, and a little structured bag like the one Diane is wearing in the top pic, I could strut around town quite comfortably! It’s August and I’m done with pretending it’s summer, if it takes an embroidered jean to take me over to the dark (evenings) side, so be it.


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