Robes: the next coat generation

Post by TM

My leather jacket just doesn’t cut it any more. It’s handy and classic and I won’t be carrying it arm stretched between my thumb and my pointing finger and flinging it into a charity bag just yet, but every second person has a handy classic to throw over their t-shirt and jeans in late summer. If it isn’t a leather jacket it’s a denim jacket and that too is getting boring AF.

I have been searching for an alternative cover-up in the sales and have only come across trench coats, also classic, but also getting tired. When we need something new we look to the alternative and looking to the alternative means thinking beyond the scope of a hollow cube.

The slip dress is basically a nighty, and that’s totally acceptable now. Not everyone can wear one, but it’s not unusual to see a young, lithe nymph prance around in one. (And if you feel like trying one, but you aren’t  young lithe nymph, try it again in autumn but wear it ’90s style, with a t-shirt underneath.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 23.05.41

That wasn’t a complete 360; the cover-up dilemma is related. If you can wear a nightie in public as a dress, you can wear a dressing gown in public as a coat.

Hear me out; I’m not talking about going out and about in a bathrobe. The style is kimono, the material is silk; the look is chic.

dressing gown

Some look right at home on the Fashion Week streets

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 23.17.21

Some look more like dressing gowns than coats

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 23.18.08

Some look more like coat coats

The robe-coat will elevate every one of your outfits and you won’t regret buying one (because once it’s too of fashion, you can just wear it in the boudoir.)

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