The Alternative Bride

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I love weddings. I love the joy and the hope, the smiles and the happy tears, the prosecco and good food; I love the style. The little details like the stationary, the colour scheme, the flowers, the favours, the music. It’s always a thrill to see what the bridesmaids are wearing, the style of suits the groom and groomsmen have chosen, and the piece de resistance – the bride’s gown. An exercise in the couple’s taste, it’s such a sweet way to begin married life, by joining together in a collective aesthetic. Except, some couples just aren’t that way inclined, or are more interested in a nontraditional approach to their nuptials. And I love that too!

Kristen Bell recently shared pictures of her 2013 wedding to Dax Shepard, which took place in a courthouse in front of a couple of witnesses. They had chosen to keep their wedding on ice until gay marriage was legal in the state they called home, and once it was they went and got hitched.



Aren’t they the picture of happiness? No white meringue, no confetti, no best men wringing their hands in the wings at the thought of their upcoming speech. The bride wore black, and looked beautiful.

It got me thinking (yep, there’s a Sex in the City reference about to drop) about other alternative brideswear – remember in the S&TC movie when Carrie ended up doing something similar and tied the knot with Big in an off the rack suit? She looked great too, and what’s more she looked like ‘her’.

Carrie Big
Big and Carrie

One of my favourite wedding outfits in recent years was Solange Knowles’s off-white caped jumpsuit. She cycled through New Orleans with her newly minted husband and looked radiant and relaxed doing so!

Solange and Alec
Solange and Alec

Model Hilary Rhoda chose a traditional big affair for her nuptials, but the green and black accents on her gown took it to the next level.

Hilary Rhoda


Shenae Grimes married Josh Beech in 2013 in a grey and black gown. Sure, it had all the hallmarks of a traditional wedding dress, but with a decidedly cool overtone. Saying that, Sarah Jessica Parker wed in a black dress and has come on record saying she regrets the decision now.

Josh and Shenae

Unlike SJP I stand by her choice to wear black, or any other colour the bride may want to don. White didn’t even come to prominence until after Queen Victoria’s wedding to Albert back in 1840, up until then you got married in your best dress.

Elizabeth Taylor married Eddie Fisher in this green personification of chic – fair enough she was to get married again three more times and pick out a new outfit for each one, but she wasn’t to know that at the time, was she!

Liz and Eddie
Eddie and Liz

A personal twist on the classic is just so gorgeous. Josephine de la Baume sexed up her wedding dress when she married Mark Ronson (he in a candy striped suit) – I love the midi length, textured detail and demure veil.

Josephine Mark
Mark and Josephine

Another wedding that gave me goals was that of Keira Knightly and James Righton. Simple, elegant and carefree, it perfectly encapsulated the relaxed vibe the couple were going for.

Keira and James

What’s better than one bride? Two! When Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi got married they both stuck to their own signature styles – Portia in an ethereal and glamourous gown, Ellen in a floaty, relaxed suit.

Ellen Portia
Portia and Ellen

Like Dax and Kristen and the other couples, it’s about doing – and wearing – what’s right for you on the big day, be that getting to wear the gown you’ve always dreamed of, surrounded by family and friends or tossing on a favourite at hand and setting off for the register office. Is it the whole shebang for you or would you prefer a more low-key affair? Discuss!

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