What to wear to work when it’s boiling hot outside

Post by TM

I have three pairs of basic flip-flops now – in white, navy and black – all acquired from the ladies’ toilets at weddings, put there by thoughtful brides. I almost considered wearing the black ones to work this Tuesday, the #hottestdayoftheyear, but I didn’t because paired with my jean shorts and “Same Same But Different” t-shirt, that just wouldn’t have been work appropriate.

Instead, I wore a cotton grey dress that I forget I had (love when I happens! But – I impulse shop too much) and “nice” sandals I’ve never worn because I never had the chance to wear them till the #hottestdayoftheyear.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 22.45.00

My office has a loose dress code so heatwave dressing is relatively easy (I still wouldn’t turn up in cut-offs and wedding flip-flops, though), but what about a smart-casual type workplace or, worse, ‘professional’? Unless, you wear a uniform (my condolences), style will prevail.

  • Casual – Smart – Smart/Casual

Even if your work dress code is at the smarter end of the smart-casual spectrum, the powers that be will most likely be lenient when it comes to workplace dressing; they’ll want to get their toes out too. Which means, sandals are a-ok.

Flat, mid-heeled or high, there should be a certain element of fancy about them, but that’s ok; everyone needs some fancy sandals in their shoe collection.

Sleeveless tops are fine, even go for camisoles if they work with what ever you’re wearing on bottom, but lots of cleavage isn’t cool, not when your office isn’t used to it. You’ll feel awkward, your work-pals won’t know wear to look, and everyone will wish it was winter. Try the leaning over test in front of a mirror; you’ll know if your top is appropriate or not.

That aside, wear a chunky necklace if you are conscious of showing skin at the chest area.

The skirt to wear is a midi – of course – and if you have to wear trousers, make them loose and not hot, sticky denim. Colour and pattern always have a place in summer, too.

  • Professional

If you can’t get out of wearing professional office-wear, look to the small screen for inspiration and think, “What would Olivia Pope wear?” Or Claire Underwood or even Joan Holloway.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 23.26.57

It may seem crazy (in Ireland) but it’s well worth having some ‘nice’ skirts and tops in your wardrobe, even if it’s not your usual style. And never mind if ‘Professional’ isn’t your office dress-code, if you’re ever in a work-related what-to-wear bind, it’s always worth asking yourself, “What would Olivia Pope wear?”.

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