Style Icons: Winona Forever

Post by CM

If you haven’t spent a few evenings binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix yet, pencil it into your schedule tout suite! There are only 8 episodes so it’s not too much of a marathon, and anyway the 80s vibes, great synth music and well paced story-telling will keep you hooked. It’s a great show and well worth the watch, but for fashion fans of a certain vintage there’s even more of a draw – the one and only Winona Ryder.

Winona Marc TMCM
Winona Ryder in a Marc Jacobs 2015 campaign

There’s no need for us to go into the reason why Winona slipped out of the spotlight a few years ago, because now thanks to a few good indie movie choices and now this series that’s being well received by all quarters, she’s back. Forever. Winona Forever!

Winona 1 TMCM

Because of this good news, we feel it’s the perfect opportunity to treat you to a few of our favourite Winona looks from over the years, from when first we met her as a teen goth in Beetlejuice to right about now, looking arguably better than ever.


Beetlejuice TMCM

Her character Lydia gives all self-respecting sun shunners goals in this huuuuge black hat and floaty black top. Hottest day of the year begone with you!


Winona Mermaids

She was the Jewish girl who wanted to be a nun in Mermaids, rocking a sensible bob and lots of high collars and plaid (and crucifixes) before raiding her mum Cher’s racy wardrobe to seduce the hot bus-driver, as you do.

Reality Bites

Reality Bites TMCM

Every 90s girl worth her salt will still be emulating Winona’s Reality Bites looks. Kinda grungy, sorta normcore, it’s enough to make me start dancing to My Sharona in my local Centra.

Girl, Interrupted

Winona Girl

Yes, Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for her performance in the film, but what really matters is that it bore Winona’s amazing 60s angst-chic. That pixie cut! That breton top! Those French ciggies!

90s Fashion 

90s 1

90s 2

90s 3

90s 4

‘Twas the era of Johnny and Winona, oversized leather, mom jeans, Little Women and warm white wine. The golden age, if you will.

21st Century Winona

Winona 1

Winona 2

Rag and Bone
Starring in a Rag and Bone ad campaign in 2014
Winona Stranger Things
In Netflix’s Stranger Things

Winona’s style knows no bounds. Even sporting the worst haircut in Netflix history she looks good.

Winona 5

This turned into a fan-girl post real fast, but who can blame me? I’m now either going to chop my hair off (myself) and get a pair of workman boots to pair with my high-waisted faded black jeans or go full on 40s Winona and tousle my tresses over a chic but sensible peter-pan collar. The possibilities are endless, the inspiration is rife – in the word’s of Johnny Depp’s tattoo, Wino forever!

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