Capsule Confidential: Gotta Catch Them All

Post by CM

You thought this was going to be a Pokemon Go post didn’t you? Every other piece on the whole wide web is, and the title would certainly indicate so. Well I tricked you! When you’re out at 2am catching virtual pocket monsters no one cares what you’re wearing – everyone’s too busy staring at their phones to take any notice of your carefully cultivated hunting outfit anyway. No, what we’re concerned about catching here are summer holiday essentials!

Summer Hol

Sun holidays do exactly what they say on the tin, so the first thing you should pack is – obviously – your Factor 50. I have it on good authority from a dermatologist friend of mine that La Roche-Posay is a safe bet for keeping you burn free. This is the one I swear by, which is about €21 in pharmacies:

La Roche 50

Clothes wise, you don’t need to bring too much. It always happens that you end up wearing the same thing over and over again, and if your goal is to languish on the beach or by the pool by day, and by the bar at night, this is all you really and truly need, and what to pack in your carry-on in case your overflowing suitcase gets (God forbid!) lost in transit.


I like a high-waisted bikini; they’re flattering on everyone and give off a glamorous yet playful vibe.

High waist


Swimsuits have become the go to beach item again, usurping itsy-bitsy bikinis. This one  from Asos is perfect for chilling by the pool!

Wrap dress

Don’t go anywhere without your wrap dress. They can be worn to the beach, to a restaurant and sight-seeing. This one I came across on the River Island site is on sale!


There can be a nip in the air come sundown, so bring a brightly coloured spare cardigan in case. This Tory Burch one would do the trick, you can find similar types in M&S.

Tory Burch

Fancy Sandals

You’ll be wearing your comfy shoes on the plane, but pack a fancier pair for going out. They don’t need to be high either; while you don’t need to go for those furry Gucci mules (not practical in sand, you see) sliders, like this Aldo pair, are the sandals du jour.



The rest you need are basics; shorts, 2 t-shirts, a light shirt and a sarong that can double as a scarf. 

What to wear on the plane 

You’ll finish off your capsule wardrobe with what you wear on the plane; something like this would be great, with a blazer thrown over it, or you could swap the khakis for loose printed trousers.


I don’t think I need to tell you to stick some spare knicks in there as well, for this just-in-case-scenario, but I will anyway. Stick some spare knicks in there too. So that’s that; instead of going out to catch ’em all, go out and catch some rays!


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