Back to its Roots – Glasto Festival Fashion

Post by CM

Glastonbury has been and gone and been rained on for another year. In my eye-casting over the notable faces and figures that attended this year, it seems that apart from the vast abundance of Hunter wellies, festival fashion has gone all Normcore on us – there was ne’r a flower crown to be seen. Gone (well, mostly gone) were the teeny-weeney denim cutoffs and in their places were – wait for it – tracksuit bottoms. 

Cara Suki TMCM
Photo: Getty

Cara Delevigne led the way in her Adidas trackie and (Vetements inspired?) Anya Hindmarch jacket. And Hunter boots. Best friend Suki Waterhouse followed suit, with matching plaits, jacket. And Hunter Boots.

Alexa TMCM

Alexa Chung kept it fairly simple (apart from those incred pants) with a sensible wax jacket, band tee. And Hunter boots.

Nicholas TMCM

Nicholas Hoult was also casual but well presented. Quite a paired down look, the jacket and shirt complimented each other well, and his jeans weren’t on the too-skinny side. Still, they tucked in neatly to his – whatever else? – Hunter boots.

Daisy TMCM

Did Daisy choose an off-brand instead of those ubiquitous Hunters? Wow wee if so. The blue bag is a cute antidote to the more muted pallette she choose for the festival, topping it up with some vampy red nail polish.


I didn’t say denim cutoffs had been entirely eradicated! Lily Donaldson stuck to the tried and true uniform of Glastonburys of old, topping the whole lewk off with those BLASTED HUNTER BOOTS.

Poppy TMCM

I’m not usually the biggest Poppy Delevigne fan, but I am definitely digging this ensemble. The boots are Docs (or something similar) and the little mini dress looks cute under the shearling jacket.


Back to Edie Campbell, and a pair of tracksuit bottoms tucked into the boots-that-shall-not-be-named and a wollen jumper. Before Kate Moss came along and invented festival dressing this is what everyone wore. Comfort is becoming key again, and I say yay to that! If it’s a lovely sunny day go ahead and get out your Coachella threads, but Glasto is its cool, grungy cousin and who doesn’t prefer to emulate that vibe? Viva la trackies! Long live wolly jumpers!

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