3 New Style Images to Pin & Obsess Over

Post by TM

While I appreciate you taking the time to read this, there’s nothing quite like paper. Even though books can be heavy (and every second bookshop is closing down *sniff*) there’s something about getting a new one that’s a little bit magical. 

Books come in all shapes and sizes, they have interesting or crap cover art depending on the genre, and they won’t run out of battery when you’re on a long train journey. The same goes for magazines, which I still obviously buy. It’s easy to go online and browse, but you can’t scan the online version of Vogue in the same way you can the magazine. I read the physical copy from cover to cover; I visit a handful of web pages.

There is a however, however. It’s very hard to lug a scrapbook of style, interior or cooking ideas. That’s why I, and about 99% of the world’s population are obsessed with Pinterest. While I mention interiors and cooking, the only pins I search for and the only boards I have concern style.

It can be verrry easy to fall into a Pinterest hole, especially when you don’t quite know what you’re looking for. So, just in time for summer, here are the only three images you need to Pin (because once they’re pinned they will lead you down a fabulous bricked road, and let’s face it, that’s no bad thing).


Reason to save: black gets a bad rap in summer, but people who love black clothes shouldn’t feel like they can’t wear it just because its sunny. This proves they can.


Reason to pin: I visited Tbilisi a couple of years ago and agreed; its people are damn stylish. And that fact deserves to be recognised.


Reason to Pin: In Ireland, the weather barely changes from season to season. Enough said.


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