Style Icons: Grace and Frankie

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I once did an online test to determine what age I really am, in spirit, and I got 67. I was totally cool with that, and in utter agreement. I am really looking forward to my twilight years as a fabulous old lady – I dressed up as Iris Apfel last year for Halloween, and felt right at home in her over the top but utterly gorgeous garb – and have long been an admirer of cool older people who love to dress to impress. Actually, it turns out I’m more known for this than I thought – a friend posted a Bored Panda post on my Facebook wall just last week about stylish seniors (you can peruse the delightful piece here!).

Iris Apfel TMCM
Iris Apfel

All this brings me to one of my favourite Netflix shows, Grace and Frankie. Season 2 dropped last Friday and I’m making my way through it slowly (like any self respecting grandma would do). It stars Jane Fonda as Grace and Lily Tomlin as Frankie, two women in their retirement years whose respective husbands leave them for each other. It’s great! Really funny, thoughtful and has so much heart, and their wardrobes are to die (peacefully, in your sleep) for.

Grace Frankie TMCM 1
Tomlin (Frankie) and Fonda (Grace)


In season one Grace was on the cusp of retirement and still tied to her bouffant hair and immaculately cut suits. As the season went on and she learned to live with her unexpected new life she also learned to relax. While still always looking well-presented she has begun to be a little bit more experimental with her wardrobe. Grace’s look suits not only stylish septuagenarians, but any woman who wants to look casually chic, investing in quality pieces as the backbone of the closet and supplementing them with more affordable trend driven accents.

Grace 3TMCM Check out the boots! I have definitely worn that outfit before.

Grace 2 TMCM

You can’t lose with a popped collar, statement piece of jewellery and a martini. White shirts aren’t a part of our capsule confidential series for nothing!

With Martha Kaufman, creator of the show

This is perfect down time chic – I love the slipper shoes and turned up cuff!


Frankie is a free-spirit and an artist, which is reflected in her attire. Since season one she has toned it down ever so slightly, culminating in outfits rich in layers and jewellery. She is very much her own person and will wear what she wants, when she wants. Her choices just happen to be superb.

Frankie 3 TMCM

Can’t beat a comfy kaftan.

Frankie 1 TMCM

An artist’s work is never done, neither is a statement tee’s.

Frankie 4 TMCM

Who can resist tie-die and a cardi?

Grace Frankie TMCM 2

A cashmere roll neck and jeans? Classic. Overalls and a floaty shirt – this is a look you’re going to see all summer!

There was a brilliant episode in season 1 where the women decided to go on a night out, with one styling the other with predictably hilarious results. The looks were disastrous of course, going to show that one style can work for one person and not at all on another. As we always say, it’s down to personal taste, and inspiration can come from here, there and anywhere. If you haven’t already, check out the show – you’ll get a lot more out of it than just the sartorial prowess.

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