5 Sartorial Essentials for Ireland in May

Post by TM

Ireland is ahead of the curve when it comes to seasons. While the rest of the world is slumming it in spring, the sun is shining on the Emerald Isle and we’re all frolicking in meadows, eating picnics and playing frisbee. 

And while that mostly happens in our dreams and conversations by the fire in a cosy pub, we live in hope that that Jean Byrne will utter the sacred words, ‘heat wave’, and we can shed our black tights and jackets with fur in the hoods and sit outside The Barge.

Real Summer Days are not as elusive as Irish people think; the sky might be grey and the temperature might not make frying eggs on the ground a possibility, but it’s not as cold as winter. It’s not as cold as winter. We’ll take it.


Forgetting the givens: an umbrella, a raincoat, spare socks and a scarf; there are five pieces that you need in your wardrobe to survive an Irish summer. Let’s get serious.

  • The button down shirt


As soon as the clouds break in Irish summer, people reach automatically for as revealing a top they can manage, when the button down shirt is actually the most perfect Irish summer top.

They’re available in light material and look good with trousers, skirts or shorts and they can be worn for all occasions. Sleeves can be rolled, buttons can be popped and collars can be raised when you forget to put suncream on your neck.

  • Wellies


You can thank Kate Moss at Glastonbury 1856 for this one. Wellies come into their own during the summer months because it rains. And it gets mucky in festival fields. And it rains. And damn it but they look hot with short shorts, skirts or dresses. Practicality has never looked so sexy.

  • A big scarf


There is nothing more annoying than misjudging the weather, and going out with a jacket when it’s actually quite warm and now you look like a dick dragging it behind you is just enough to make you want to go back home to the safety of inside.

That’s why you should make like Gisele and bring a scarf instead. Even if it’s too hot to wear it, you won’t look foolish because d’uh, you took it for sitting on the grass with. You’re not a Goddamn animal.

  • Plain blue jeans


When in doubt, wear jeans. I don’t really have to explain myself, do I? But take this bit of advice: the warmer the weather, the looser the jean. Hat tip to Oliva Palermo and her fabulous boyfriends.

  • Flat, patent ballet slipper type shoes

StreetStyle4 (1 of 1)

Like the ones worn by Olivia above, in fact, and the pair worn by the lovely street style person I found in a Google search. You will want to wear pretty sandals; you will want to wear espadrilles; you may even want to wear your wellies, but sorry darling, they’re not appropriate for the second day of a wedding.

Flat shoes with a covered toe should be staple Irish summer fare, even better when they are made from material that won’t get soggy when you step in a puddle or if your foot slips into the canal when you’re sipping a can by the aforementioned The Barge.

Bonus: anything stripey is good. 






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