Havana Nights: Summer via Chanel

Post by CM

Only Karl Lagerfeld would stage the latest Chanel resort collection show in Cuba. Only recently re-opened to the West, with a historic visit from Barack Obama and his family only recently, delicately, gone down, the vast Paseo del Prado – a boulevard flanked by plants and trees, charmingly run-down art deco architecture and pastel coloured Cadillacs – was closed to its citizens to house the show attended by Chanel muses Vanessa Paradis and Giselle Bunchen; and Vin Diesel.

Chanel Boulevard TMCM

When Cuba has been communist since 1959, where the average salary is less than €4,000 a year and where Chanel goods aren’t even available, it’s definitely an eyebrow raising (if undeniably beautiful) location for the show. Reaction from locals has also been mixed, with some pleased that their country is being showcased in such a fashion and others unhappy that such a lavish, elite extravaganza would take place in the country.

Funnily enough, the playful confection of looks inspired by the county’s colourful history, in a wide variety of textures makes it perfect for the Irish summer. With our typical mix of mostly grey but generally quite mild days (with one or two scorchers thrown in for good measure) the pre-summer collection appeals to our need for classic comfort, bright twists and hats!

Chanel 7 TMCM

Chanel 6 TMCM

Chanel 8 TMCM

Some might say clown pants, I say wow pants (with apologies)!

Chanel 10 TMCM

Chanel 9 TMCM

I’m fairly sure I have pictures of my mother and aunts wearing curiously similar outfits to the two above in pictures on a Connemara beach in the early 80s.

Chanel 5 TMCM

Chanel 4 TMCM

Chanel 2 TMCM

Chanel 3 TMCM

Chanel 1 TMCM

Weddings and races ahoy! If I were a summer bride this year I might style myself on the flouncy number above. The other outfits totally fit the bill for guest attire.

So yes, in a week where the Met Gala had dresses powered by 30 battery packs, millions of dollars worth of jewels and extreme looks that confounded taste I think we can agree that the fashion world can sometimes be a bit… out of touch. But isn’t that a element of what makes it fun? I know I am far from owning anything by Chanel (except maybe a lipstick), but I can’t deny that I’m inspired by the looks. Sure, why not be?

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