When Life Gives You Lemons

Post by CM

There’s never been a worse time to have ‘good hair’. Or be called Becky. With accusations of infidelity flying all over the place following the release of Beyonce’s new visual album, Lemonade, speculation is rife over the meaning behind the songs. Well, I’ve got her pegged. Queen B’s inspiration lies not in her personal life, but her eye on the street. When life gives you lemons, you wear yellow!

Beyonce TMCM
She knows it.

Citrus colours have been seen all over the streets during the various fashion weeks this year, heralding a sunny return to bright, bold, statement pieces. Yellow, in its multitude of shades, is a notoriously hard colour to pull off but when you find the right shade for you it soon becomes your go to piece for a confidence pick me up.

Lemon 1 TMCM

Wear it with an unexpected colour pairing to scandalise the eyes of the twin-set elite.

Lemon 8Throw a bright shirt over an otherwise muted outfit choice.

Lemon 4Wear it under a pinafore for a playful take on buttoned-down dressing.

Lemon 7A yellow skirt will elevate an otherwise safe look.

Lemon 6

Lemon 5

Lemon 3A yellow coat or jacket is just the ticket on a grey day.

Lemon 2Co-ordinate with your friends while making sure all eyes are on you!

I wore a yellow sweater inherited from my grandmother in this post from three years ago, and I still wear it! Yellow always puts a smile back on your face – just ask Beyonce.

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