All Choked Up

Post by CM

The sun is well and truly shining here in fair Eire and I think it’s fair to say that we’ve been catching glimpses of what’s to come this summer. Thanks in no part to Coachella and Taylor Swift these simple lil’ accessories encircling the necks of the fashion forward are going to remind you that you were in 2016 when you look back at your digital photo album in years to come.

Taylor Squad TMCM
Photo from Taylor Swift’s Instagram

“I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?”

Yes Taylor, they are. Thank God. The great thing about chokers, especially versus flower crowns, is that they can be dressed up, down and all around. They’re equally at home on festival types as they are on rockier chicks, men and women, big and small, long and short of neck. Hurray for chokers, the great equalisers!

So how will you wear yours? They are obviously creeping into all the high street stores at the moment, in loads of different guises, or you could make like me in my ballet days and stick some velcro to a strip of velvet and call it a day. You could get a bit of twine and wrap it around a couple of times for a rustic feel, you could simply clasp a necklace further up if the chain was loose enough. The whole idea is to have it short and sweet; these are a few of my favourite ways to try the trend:


Choker 1 tmcm

Choker 2 tmcm

Black Band

Choker 4 TMCM

Choker 5 TMCM


Choker 6 TMCMChoker 3 TMCM

If you have a long neck you can go as thick as you like, if it’s shorter you might want to stick to a more delicate shape. But luckily, like fish in the sea, there’s a choker out there for everyone.

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