A for Alexa?

Post by CM

By now you all know that Alexa Chung has collaborated with Marks and Spenser on a collection inspired by 70s archives and her own childhood memories. It launched yesterday to mostly positive reactions, with expectations for sell-outs particularly online, but what does this humble mouse think?

Well. We can’t forget that this is for M&S, the middle-class housewife’s favourite, and it does reflect that. The ballet flats are fine, the woolen sweaters are nice and the camisoles are pretty. It’s a collection that has hints of Alexa but doesn’t stray too far from the M&S aesthetic, and that’s to be expected, if not a bit boring. There are vests on sale that really do look like the scratchy numbers your mother would force you to wear when you were three, and I suppose many of the customers being targeted would have been toddlers in the 70s, aspiring to be like their feather-haired mums.

Image from the Marks & Spenser Ireland website

When I looked through the items yesterday I was not blown away, but on further reflection I can appreciate the consideration gone into many of the pieces. This frilly blouse is sure to be a best-seller, with not only the nostalgia feel but also its nod to the current ruffle trend.

The Harry Top

There are cute little summer dresses included as well that would make a contribution to your summer wardrobe – Alexa sported one of them herself at the launch, where she worked behind the till.

Alexa Ellie Dress
Alexa in the Elsie Dress (€39)

Diamonds among the more by-the-book pieces are four items I really like, starting with (of course) the most expensive of the bunch:

The Frances Trench

Frances Coat

Retailing at €135, I would go so far as to say this is quite the investment piece. The colour is brilliant, the shape classic and the quality reliable. This is the one I would rush out and buy if I wasn’t already swimming in jackets and coats, but I will bump it right to the top of my wishlist!

The Misty Dress

Misty Dress

This dress is going for €68, which isn’t half bad. I pictured it with heels and a sun-hat, totally wedding appropriate, but in the publicity shots it’s been paired casually with the ‘Helen Trainers’, so this too would be a piece that you’d get plenty of wear out of.

The Ada Trousers

Ada Trousers

When first I saw these I though they were wide length pants, but actually they’re culottes, which tempers my enthusiasm for them slightly. I really like the high waist and the nautical feel to them, and hey, I’m 5″2 so I could just size up and get a pair to go down to my feet, right?

The Eliza Dress

Eliza Dress

I would wear this €68 dress to a festival, if I was so inclined. Long sleeves with a short hemline works so well with this pattern, and paired with tanned legs and bright white trainers it would be lovely for walking around town on one of the changeable summer days we do so well here in Galway.

Although I’d have to buy online if I wanted to get my hands on any of these, because while they’re available in Cork and most branches in Dublin, they won’t be sold in the Galway store. For shame!


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