Sneakers are OUT and we’ve found the alternative

Post by TM

A few weeks ago, I was walking past River Island as I do every day on my way to work, and because for some reason I had some time to spare (this is very rare. Extremely rare) I popped in and just bought a jacket. 

The jacket in question is a waterproof(ish) heavy parka with a fur(ish) lining and even furrier detachable, er, fur down the sides and around the neck, and it is very handy for the cold but changeable weather we’ve been having. I will detach the fur soon and imagine it will have a Barbour-esque quality to it. It was a good buy in a lot of ways; it’s warm, for one, and it has detachable fur, goddammit! Oh, and it was chee-eep (last one on sale – score). But everyone has one, or one like it. Everyone. It’s so unimaginative it might as well be skinny blue jeans with heels and a white blazer.


It’s this one exactly!

Most people who I see wearing this or a lookalike jacket are also wearing skinny jeans (they are so not dead) and some form of sneaker


Look familiar?

This look is the best thing to happen to street style ever, but once 13-year-olds and 30-year-olds are wearing the same thing, you know that the look is done. Sad but true.

I have been doing an awful lot of sneaker-wearing lately: to work, at the weekend, you know, any time that calls for comfort – which is all the time really. While I’ve enjoyed the comfort of comfort, it’s time to move on.

The streets of Paris during Fashion Week is a good place to look for inspiration.


Ah, boots. We can live with that. And we already own many.


OK, fancy pointy flats. That’ll do just fine.


Leather backless slippers? Oh hell yeah! It is ON.

While we’re on the slippers note, I must reveal that I have a new cookies stalker. ASOS has made way for Mahabis and dammit, but they are doing a good job persuading me to buy a pair. I think I might just have to.

Fine, that’s that then. Slippers are the new runners. Hurrah!

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