Five #aw16 trends to wear right now

Post by TM

The first rule of any rulebook that anyone quotes is that rules are made to be broken, but weirdly, people who claim to love fashion, the ‘Influencers’ and the Instagram stars and those types love being In Style.

To really be in fashion, you’ve got to be at least two seasons ahead. Right now, most people are still in their winter clothes (who can blame them, it’s f-ing freezing out), but since all of the trends for this time next year are already out, why wait till then?

The trends lined up for AW16 were conjured up about two years ago, and they’re really unimaginative. Which means they’re totally achievable! Since they’ve all been done before, there’s a chance that people who are not in the know may think you’re totally out of style, but you know, and I know that come autumn, they’ll be the ones wearing your look – and you’ll be the one already in 2017.

  1. Sequins

I wear them all year round. I will myself to be classic and chic, but if I were another living being, I would be a magpie.Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Preen, McQueen, Erdem, Moschino and more sent sequins down their runways. Wear head to toe but with a few punk edges: big comfy coats, punky boots (more about that later).


Preen AW16 (pic



2. Velvet

I don’t care what anyone else says about velvet; I love it. It’s fancy and comfortable, and I have a velvet dress from Dunnes Stores that I bought about twelve years ago and still wear, so obviously, I’m some sort of fashion oracle. Rodarte, for their ‘co-lab’ with & Other Stories, have some nifty velvet pants in the collection. Buy them.

Preen featured velvet, and so did Dries Van Noten and Prada.


velvet prada
Prada AW16 (pic



3. Sportswear

One thing everyone, in-the-know fashion-wise or not, can agree on is that comfort is SO much better than looking edgy and cool. Luxe sportswear – actually it’s not even that luxe, you could totally go on a hike in them – is going nowhere, so you might as well just keep on wearing whatever you’ve on. Although, according to Balenciaga, maybe buy a sports jacket a couple or eight sizes too big. Also seen at Vetements and Chloe.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 00.13.55
Balenciaga AW16


4. ’80s

There ain’t no party like an ’80s party and apparently, this year we’ll be partying like it’s 1985. Cocaine and toxic levels of hairspray optional (and death stare, according to this Saint Laurent model). Givenchy and Chanel also got in on the action and with all of the ’80s themed birthday parties and hens you have been sure to have gone to millions of this past few years, you can too!


Saint Laurent AW16 (pic courtesy of


5. ‘Punk’

This is another one that’s been knocking around for ages now so if you don’t already have something of the sort at the back of your wardrobe, you can pick something up at your local VdeP.

Guess who is championing this one? Go one, guess. OK fine, you got it at once, of course, it’s Vivienne Westwood. Punk, these days, means a lil bit crazy. This is Balenciaga’s take.


Raid your wardrobe for stuff you wore over the last couple of years and you’ll be totally in style.

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