And the bridesmaids were / wore blue

Post by TM

This past Saturday, Jerry Hall married Rupert Murdoch in one of the strangest yet perfectly, head-noddingly sensical weddings of the century.

It was a wedding of juxtapositions; he’s an octogenarian, she’s almost a sexagenarian; he’s a billionaire, she’s made of mere millions – or so we thought until they married. You know what? Who cares? They married, and Jerry Hall, former ‘wife’ of Mick Jagger and mother of four of his and all of her kids and former supermodel in her own right and the new Mr Jerry Hall looked delighted. So I’m going to assume it’s all real.


The bride wore Westwood; the groom wore some suit. The bride’s shoes could have been higher and less Louis XVI on a vertigo day, but I’m going to assume Jerry simply went for comfort rather than height matching. So should she! From the ankles up, she was always going to look fabulous.

Other fabulous members of the wedding party had to be the bride’s bridesmaids – and daughters – fellow models Lizzie and Georgia May Jagger. But while their gowns matched their mother’s in style, their expressions did not (although Lizzie seemed to enjoy herself as she sucked on a sneaky fag later on in the day).


But then again, perhaps they were just models being models?

While credit must be given to Kristen McMenamy (another model, age 51) and in particular, her flowing grey locks and immortal visage…


…the title of Best Dressed must go to Jeanne Marine (pictured with husband, Bob Geldof,  who belongs to some band or other and may or may not have healed the world).


Those who dare wear white to a wedding are very daring indeed, but wide-legged trews and a coat’s alright, right? Perhaps the invitation said not to wear blue?

Takeaways from the Murdoch/Hall nuptials; only smile if you mean it; don’t wear flats unless really necessary; and live long and prosper.


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