Trending: Bell Sleeves

Post by CM

How do you all feel about flares, but on your arms instead of your legs? Because that’s the current trend vying for your attention. While its origins are very 70s, very hippy, the current incarnation is a bit more varied, a little more ruffled and structured. With the shoulder exposing look still going strong this all means that the upper torso is where to focus your trends, which of course is great news. You don’t need to stop eating cakes to get yourself some Michelle Obama arms!

If the thought of huge sleeves fills you with dread, just see how Pandora Sykes, Sunday Time Style Wardrobe Mistress and fashion writer du jour, styles them. Let’s face it, they’re not for the faint hearted, or just for wearing around the house in (imagine doing the dishes in them *shudder*), you want these babies to be seen.

Pandora 1
Photo by Pandora Sykes
Pandora 2
Photo by Pandora Sykes,

If the more relaxed look isn’t your thing, style it the fashion ed way by going all out structured bell.

Bell 1

Bell 3

Bell 2

Tali Lennox was pictured at the Roksanda A/W16 show in London this week, so we know the look has made it into the fashion set for sure. But will it translate to the small-town streets of Ireland? I’m going to chance it and try it out. May as well go bell or go home, right?

Tali at Roksanda

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