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Back when we were little mice, the tendency to dress us in similar, but not matching outfits led to TM donning mostly blue and yours truly mostly pink. Our dad continued on this old tradition recently, when he brought us back two rucksacks from Turkey, one in blue and one in burgundy (not quite pink, but you get the gist.)


Well these lovely and practical gifts couldn’t have come at a better time, because anyone who’s anyone has been sporting a rucksack (or backpack) recently, and if they haven’t they soon will be. It’s the best bag trend to emerge in quite a while – they’re roomy, they’re hands free and they fit eeevvvverything!

French Connection: not a million miles away from TM’s, is it?

The rucksack trend is all well and good, but it is not an excuse to dig out your old Jansport school bag, that’s covered in your friends’ signatures. Please don’t do that. Alongside the versions seen on the Burberry, Givenchy, YSL and Proenza Schouler catwalks there are plenty of stylish high street offerings that will absolutely fit the bill.

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Although I am a big fan, I haven’t worn mine out yet because I can’t bear to pair it with a big winter coat. Which is ridiculous, I see that now; keeping it on one shoulder will make the look work better – it can be worn in summer with both straps keeping your back happy while you cart around your picnic in it.




Like Mine!

It’s a unisex trend, so if you are to spend big bucks on a designer item, at least you can share the cost with your man!


Other Man

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I’m going to Dublin this weekend for one night and one night only, and have challenged myself to bring all my wares, including handbag items, in the backpack. It will encourage me to pack light (one pair of shoes!) but will also give me a chance to show off my fashion forward style credentials. Will you be giving up your Michael Kors for one of these babies?

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