5 Reasons To Get Excited About & Other Stories

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I get excited by things so rarely I’m sometimes worried there’s something wrong with me. Who doesn’t get joy out of the announcement of an incredible music festival lineup? Me, that’s who. I play with new makeup launches as part of my day job but does it fill me with delight? No. 

Now, I know these things are material and what some might consider silly (not me! I’m just cold and bitter) but if you can feel glee every day due to the little things in life, well, count yourself lucky.

I received a press release last week, and when I opened it, I felt that burst of glee. & Other Stories is coming to Dublin. This is very good news.

Other Stories Amsterdam-1

The clothes store is part of the same family H&M and Cos belong to. It launched in 2013 and has 20 stores in its realm. I visited the Copenhagen store and just wanted everything that it contained. Everything. EVERYTHING.

But why? Here’s why.

  1. It’s the epitome of Scandi-cool.

Think Swedish, Danish or Berlin(ish?) style: clean and simple yet ultra hip with surprising little touches. Like, it’s not all tailored coats, cropped trousers, and flatforms; it sells chic stilettos too, and quirky jewelry.


2. It’s affordable

While it’s certainly more expensive than H&M (where I tend to stroll into on my lunch break and just pick up a top for a tenner without even trying it on), it’s the type of place you can pick something up for €60 and genuinely have it for years.


3. The pieces are flattering

While the favoured shape is pretty much shapeless, that is not the reason they flatter most shapes and sizes. They are not bags; they’re carefully created, with structured, forgiving lines. They are not particularly trend driven, which makes the investment even more tempting.

other stories

4. It is aimed at women who like fashion

There are many functional pieces in store that can be worn to work, to drinks or even just on a lazy Sunday, but they are anything but basic. You won’t be wandering into & Other Stories just to buy a t-shirt because all your others are in the laundry basket.


5. Its name may be ridiculous, but you will like the story behind it

Starting a brand name with an ampersand seems a bit self-destructive in this day and age. It’s not great for hashtags, and when people hear it, they might think it’s ‘And.’ Or they’ll instantly forget it because it’s so stupid. Except that, it’s not. The idea comes from the publishing world. You know how it goes, imagine this short story collection: Town Mouse Goes to the Country & Other Stories. See? Cute!

The only bad thing about & Other Stories’s arrival in Dublin is that everyone will know about it now. It’s not like it was a secret (and the online store already deliver to Ireland) but it hasn’t been on the Irish shopping radar. But like we all wear pieces from Penneys, H&M, COS, River Island, Oasis and the rest, let’s just add some Stories to our wardrobes and continue to all get along.

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