How to Style Nude Ankle Boots Like Your Life Depends on It

Post by CM

I recently made an online purchase that in hindsight (as in, about 30 seconds after I hit the Buy Now button) may not have been terribly practical. TM wrote a post about ASOS and other online stores and their creepy cookies designed to lure you into grabbing more and more items that fit previous choices, but I must have fearlessly beat the system, because these babies are unlike anything I’ve ever bought before from the comfort of my sitting room.

Killah Nude Boots

Yes, they’re a pair of perspex heeled nude sock boots and no, I’m not entirely sure why I got them in, let’s face it, skin colour. But I did, and I’m going to damn well try to style them, if only to avoid going through the rigmarole of sending them back. Also, it’s for you, dear readers, to provide a safe place to go if you Google “how to style nude boots”, “nude sock boots style” or similar, to avoid the NSFW horror I inadvertently stumbled across on my search for inspiration.

First though, I’ll explain that the purchase wasn’t as crazy as it first looks – Raf Simons sent models down the Dior A/W15 catwalk in not very dissimilar versions, and they looked great!

Dior 1

Dior 2

It’s just my quest for leg-lengthening (and thinning) that had greedily hooked me on the nude version. And I did happen upon some looks that had me thinking that all wasn’t lost in my styling quest.

Helena Borden
Helena Borden
Kylie Jenner
Karrueche Tran
Karrueche Tran

My legs are of a hue closer to the colour of the boots (grey putty) than the model’s fair legs in the very top picture, so when I put them on they meld into a fetching hoof like entity that both elongates my stumpy stems and brings to mind an alien/demon hybrid. For that reason I will probably be sticking to styling them with midi skirts and jeans, but before all that let’s try them with a mini, a la Helena, Kylie and Karrueche.

CM Mini

While the mini skirt is something I encourage all mini lovers to wear if they want to, I feel like I’ve grown out of the look and prefer a longer line. And let’s face it, it’s not a very well put together outfit. Also, a word of explanation: this was an impromptu photoshoot, hence the dodgy selfies. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to outfit number two!

CM Coat 1

I’ve had this coat for years and have never worn it, but have been dying to for ages because it’s just so pretty. I actually think it works really well with the boots (which by the way are actually a much pinker colour than the putty/beige in the pic). Might try this one on the general public, it makes a nice Easter outfit!

CM Jeans 2

Oh look, the sun came out, further lowering the quality of my selfies. I like the way the boots look with the jeans, and I put the grey slouchy jumper on top to keep it casual. With a pair of sunglasses and maybe a hat I can see myself wearing this some spring weekend.

So I guess I’m keeping them. They’re not quite as hard to style as I initially thought, but where and when and how the weather is looking is key to figuring out how to put the outfit together. One last thing – they have a square toe, something I haven’t seen in quite some time but seems to be making a resurgence… more on that another day.

How do you feel about this questionable new trend? If you want to hop on the bandwagon hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or email us for info on where to buy!



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