Capsule Confidential: Black Going-Out Pants

Post by CM

We have a friend who used to heavily rely on her ‘black going-out pants’ when we were in college. “What are you wearing Friday night?” we would inquire, “why, my black going-out pants of course!” she would reply in astonishment that we would even ask such a silly question. Black going-out pants (or trousers, for those of us who associate pants with underwear) can be a pivotal part of your wardrobe, and whisked out as old reliables when there isn’t enough money in the piggy bank for a new outfit.

Now, said friend is still a black going-out pants advocate, as are we. They are not to be confused with black trousers for work or cigarette pants for a chic daytime look, oh no. Black going-out pants can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are purely reserved for hitting the hot spots after dark.


Only joking! Black going-out pants can be any black pants of choice, tee hee! The beauty of them is you can tailor them to your needs or wants. Black pants become black going-out pants when paired with a going out top!

Alliance Impact Awards 30th Anniversary Honoring Jessica Alba

White tops are a classic choice – see Gigi Hadid’s slinky blouse and Jessica Alba’s structured tee above. Accessories are key in this simple look (yes, to avoid looking waitressy) but nevertheless you can keep them clean and simple if you like, or pile them on.


Black leather look jeggings are just the thing for a night out. The look above is a great transitional ensemble – I’d add a few necklaces, do a smokey eye and swap the carry-all for a clutch. Good to go!

Ciara at Milan Fashion Week in September 2015

Ciara wears hers well, with that daring holey top. Skin-tight black pleather is surprisingly wearable for the majority of shapes and sizes – the creases hide a multitude for one thing! And the texture is perfect for photos with a flash.


If there’s anyone who can show us how to take your black going-out pants to the next level it’s Rhianna. See how put together she is, but on closer inspection how unfussy the whole look actually is?

Stretchy, loose, textured, sheer – there’s a going-out pair of pants for everyone! How to you wear yours?





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