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Post by CM

When I was in first year of University I had a collection of skinny scarves that I would wear on rotation until, with my poker-straightened hair and one pair of baggy pants I realised I was channeling Avril Lavigne, I stopped and never looked back. Until now.

Trends come and go, that we all know, and while it’s a good idea to hold on to certain items that may come back in – think midi skirts, denim jackets and platform shoes – there are others that should be left to the first time round – remember those tracksuit bottoms with snap buttons all down the side? I’m talking about that sort of thing. Luckily those skinny scarves of mine have fallen into the former category and remained in my wardrobe, because they were seen all OVER the front row at Paris Couture week. The neck, my friends, is the new erogenous zone.

Elena Perminova
Elena Perminova at Giambattista Valli
Daphne Guinness
at GM
Olivia Palermo at Giambattista Vali

Skinny scarves aren’t the only scarves to adorn the necks of the great and the good – little neckerchiefs have also been seen cropping up here and there – it is Paris after all. I love the look, and have a few of these stored away as well – thanks Nana!

Street Style in Paris
Street 2
Off duty model style in Paris
Kendall Jenner at Charles de Gaul Airport

If scarves aren’t your bag, and you’re a harder core sorta girl (or guy), try a choker on for size. These too are blasts from the not too distant past – if 12 year old I could construct one out of a strip of velvet material and velcro, so too can you!

Front row at Giambattista Vali
Olga Karput
Street style in Paree

And if you really want to keep those vampires at bay, keep on keeping on with your polo and turtlenecks. Black’s always cool but you could try a lighter shade as we creep into Spring.

Gigi Hadid after the Chanel show – we should also probably talk about what’s left of those jeans
Cressida Bonas at Dior

So how’s about it? Polo, scarf or choker – try one or try them all!

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