Pants Trend for The Real New Year

Post by TM

Is it just me (oh, I know it’s not) or has this been the longest, crappiest month in living history? It’s been cold, it’s been wet and it’s been the bad kind of dry; it needs to come to an end. How can one possibly try to turn over a new year’s leaf when one feels grumpy, looks terrible after Christmas indulgences and life in general has been banal and boring.

The first of February, for me, has always marked the real start of the new year. You’ve had a month to feel bad about yourself, now you are settled. If you’ve tried some sort of new health or fitness resolution and succeeded (so far) good for you. If you tried and failed or just sulked all January like me, let’s accept that we’re not resolution type people and move on. With a new look, hurray!

There’s a trend going round that CM and a lot of other people hate. If you’re a regular reader of TMCM you’ll know it’s the cropped flare and if you’re not, well, now you know. 

cropped 1 TMCM

I’m not writing them off completely because I have been known to come round to trends in the past. For now, though, I think they’re hideous. However, come Feb I will be sporting cropped jeans, but of the skinny variety.

Now, this is sartorially controversial because apparently skinnies are so out you might as well be wearing a cone bra and blue eyeshadow. But what’s that got to do, got to do with it? Take it from Team Elle UK, cropped pants that aren’t flares are appropriate SS16 garb and I can wear them with the Van style slip-ons I just bought. And so shall you.

Do bear in mind that I use the term cropped somewhat loosely; just show me some ankle and cropped it is.


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