The Shoe Trend You’ll Be Sporting from Office to Outdoor Pursuits

Post by TM

I never wanted to be that woman who walked to work in running shoes (the ones designed for actual running, the most hideous of runners) while the rest of her was dressed for work. Sporty on the feet, office from the ankle up was just not chic.

miranda sneakers

But, dear reader, I have become that woman. Not that woman you see above – that’s Miranda from Sex and the City of course and I’m nowhere near as successful – but I am a sneakers to work wearer; not just for comfort but because for this moment in time, it’s In.

Thanks to the Style Gods I can walk to work in 10 minutes less time than it used to take me when I insisted on wearing my heels on my ‘commute’. Boy, do I not miss how the balls of my feet used to smart as I reached my work door and how I dreaded the journey home before I even sat down (for eight hours). What a fool I was! What was I thinking?

Actually, I know what I was thinking: I didn’t want to bring a bag big enough to fit my second pair of shoes.

Now, I bring a bag big enough to fit two pairs of shoes but I use that for all the sales shopping the Carrie Bradshaw-esque devil on my shoulder has been forcing me to do since sales started being a year round occurrence rather than a January or mid-summer thing. There’s no need to carry shoes around because I wear runners to work – and I stay in them.

The runners in questions are black with a white sole. They sound like the New Balances that everyone was wearing last year but they’re from H&M and they cost €20. Hurray for those year long sales.

new balance black runners

I made a mistake last weekend and wore them on a walk my boyfriend promised would be ‘on flat ground’ the whole way and not up and down muddy hills like usual and while it was mostly level we had just had 1000 days of rain (or so it felt) so now those white soles are bird shit coloured.

Never mind, nobody is wearing this style anymore. It’s all about the slip on. Vans, they are back. Back in black.

I usually don’t rush out to buy the latest trend but I’ve found myself breaking that rule when it comes to footwear of the sporty kind. And slip-on style skate shoes, or whatever their original purpose was, are everywhere. On men, on women, on some celebrity dogs, probably. And since I saw a pair of their ilk in Penneys today, they’ll soon be on me.


I’ll be carrying on as I was and pairing mine with whatever I was pairing my H&M sneakers with, which was everything.

Embrace this phase. There will come a time where you won’t want to be seen dead in a pair of athletic shoes and you’ll be taking them off behind the last corner before you reach work, getting your socks wet by your clumsy and inelegant wobbling around trying to change into ‘cool’ shoes.

Believe me, that time will come but for now join me in hop, skip and jumping in comfort to every which where we go.

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