When Fashion goes too far: Cropped flares.

Post by CM

We here at TownMouse CountryMouse Ireland are advocates of letting your freak flag fly, getting your personal style on and dressing how you damn well like. But an evil, horrfying, downright bad garment was been creeping up the legs of the fashion elite of late, and before you’re seduced by their possessed pleas for you to try it out, you must be informed by someone who hasn’t yet fallen prey to its dreadful, leg shortening awfulness. It’s a pair of cropped flares, and it must be stopped.

I usually love a good flare. TM has faced bullying pre-teens just to proudly wear her pair (years before they were on trend again *adjusts huge spectacles*), and apart from their mud sweeping abilities, they can make a more diminutively sized person look inches taller. Which is why the very idea of bringing the flare over one’s ankles is so heinous.

cropped 1 TMCM

The whole double denim thing is a trend that isn’t for me, but one that I’ve seen done really well on others. This isn’t one of those times. Another tendency of the fashion folk who have been cruelly misled into putting on the jeans of doom is to pair them with low heeled boots? For God’s sake why?

Street Style at Autumn Winter 2015, London Fashion Week, Britain - 24 Feb 2015
Credit: Photo by Silvia Olsen/REX

The sloppily jaggedy edge of this pair is really getting my goat, and I don’t know what to do with these strong feelings I have about them. Find another image to get annoyed over? Okay!

Cropped 3

Out of all the pics so far, this one has calmed me down a little bit. I think she’s wearing the cropped pants well. Am I being drawn to the dark side? No. The Cons are a vast improvement on the boots and the silhouette is generally quite sleek. Would I prefer if she was wearing a pair of cigarette pants? Of course I would.

Leandra crop

Alexa Crop

We couldn’t showcase a trend without examples of Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine trying it out. There’s no denying that they make a case for it. And look at Alexa with her leopard print coat too, which is due a major moment in Spring 2016! But my final conclusion is still no, just no. On anyone but a (tall, thin) verified style icon cropped flares really do look like you’ve shrunk your pants in the wash and have nothing else in the entire world to wear.

Do you agree? Am I being far too harsh and going against my very ethos that you should not be swayed by opinions like mine and should absolutely wear the unflattering things if you wish? Let us know!


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