Packing Home For Christmas

Post by TM

If you’re Irish you fall into one of two groups; the one that lives at home all year long or the one that has to go home for Christmas. F-off the former, you baxtards, Christmas dressing is nothing to you, so don’t complain when you can pop into Penneys on Christmas Eve to pick up a sparkly top or a gold dress on Christmas Eve. Those of us who have to book a bus at the last minute and haul a huge bag into work, backpacker style, even though you’re wearing a suit and high heels – this is for you. 

Even if you are going Home Home for but three or four days, you still need at least six outfits. Because this is not normal Home Home time. You are not just seeing your parents and the one or two friends who still live where you grew up. You are meeting your extended family, friends you haven’t seen since this time last year and people you only bump into when Christmas calls.

So. What to bring.

Breathe. It’s easy. Hurrah! But remember, it’s not about fashion; it’s about Christmas.

  • Shoes

You only need three pairs. The pair you find yourself wearing all the time, a pair of black pumps, and some comfy flats.

rupert sanderson

  • Outerwear

Resist the urge to bring two. Bring your nice coat and nice scarf and that’s it.  Forget about the weather. If it’s rainy, bring a paper. You and I both know that umbrellas don’t work.


  • Meeting Friends

No Christmas Jumpers allowed. But festive jumpers are encouraged, as in, plain grey with a hint of silver sparkle or colour with some jewels sewn in. Jeans, your neutral heels.

  • Mass Wear

If you’re Irish, home for Christmas, you’re probably going to go to mass. If it’s Christmas Eve at some stage or Christmas Day, just wear the same thing you are going to wear on Christmas Day.

  • Christmas Day

Unless you are a hardcore Instagrammer, don’t get dressed up to the nines for Christmas Day. There’s no point when you are bloated and bleary eyes after a four hour marathon dinner. If you insist on looking nice, wear a roomy dress, black tights and no shoes at all, because it’s family. If you are unlucky enough to have to move from your family home on Christmas Day, wear those trusty black pumps.


  • St. Stephen’s Day

There is going to be a dress you wore during the year that you liked yourself in; just wear that. Chances are, not everyone you will bump into at Christmas will have seen you in it and you will have to Christmas it up anyway, with opaque tights or the like. Wear with black pumps.

  • Every Other Day


If you’ve been smart enough to leave at least one or two pairs of jeans and a couple of tops at home, just wear those. But when you are packing, bring the pair of trousers or skirt and top combo you have found yourself in for the past two months and bring those. Travel in one of those combos.

You have access to your family washing machine and if you really, really need to, there are shops in your home town.

If I didn’t have a family member going in the same direction of me for Christmas who has agreed to bring half my wardrobe home for me I would certainly be following those rules.

For now, travel safe and Happy Christmas!


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