Hair Today

Post by CM

I have hair on the brain. Not literally, there’s skull and scalp inbetween, but I’ve been thinking about hair obsessively since yesterday, when I did a home dye job over already coloured hair and my roots came out a different colour from the rest of my barnet. Want to see a pic?

Bad Hair

That is not light reflecting on the top, it is the actual difference in colour. Anyway, it’s awful, I have learned my lesson and am getting a professional to sort it out this afternoon. Stand by for an update!* In the meantime, let’s bitch about other drastic hair changes that have been in the news lately. Kate Middleton debuted a new, shorter hair style yesterday, but sadly her weird 70s fringe is still present.

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I like that she’s finally gone for the chop, but it would have been nice to have seen it even shorter! Maybe it’s just too hard to maintain with two kids, but she has an army of stylists for public appearances. Her oval face could certainly pull off a graduated bob.

Emma Watson has become quite the stylista in her days since Harry Potter – who can forget the pixie crop she showed up with at the last Harry Potter premiere? It was great! Since then it has been growing out, but suddenly this week she decided to lob it all off again and shared a picture of a lovely new textured bob.

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It’s so nice. And I’m jealous of that pretty blondeish colour she’s working. Well wear Emma!

A special mention needs to go to Zayn Malick for his new grey hair. Zayn can do no wrong (stylewise) in my eyes, from his early days on the X-Factor when he refused to dance to this year at the Valentino show post exit from One Direction.

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Anyone else have any sob stories to share about dye jobs gone bad? Sound off in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter!

*Update! The talented colourist Aoife in Vanity Hair and Beauty Studio has saved the day. In but an hour she took my brassy roots and set them straight. Thanks Aoife!



  1. The Girl In a Cocktail Dress

    Hi! ☺dropped a comment just to let you know that I enjoyed going through your post! Very cool, interesting (and stylish too!) keep it up!!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. I like your haircolour!!

  2. Town Mouse

    Who (who knows me) could forget my second year short hair DISASTER? I wanted it to look like a model I saw in J-17 but did not factor in all the styling and product that had gone into it. Hats for a year.

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