Us in Boots – The Footwear of the Season

Post by TM

The chill swept in some time last week and it is not going away. Winter’s here and I’m ok with that. I like winter and all the excuses for staying in it brings. I like winter clothes and all the covering up it does. The worst thing about warm weather is all the bare skin on show – I’m not one for primping and preening but I wouldn’t go au natural either. I’m not too keen on seeing other people’s near naked flesh bouncing around either, so, winter suits me. 

I wear boots all year round. Ankle boots mainly, because well, I just love them. This year’s boot trend is bringing it over the knee and guys, this is very good news.


The over the knee boot can transform an outfit. Seriously, instead of pairing a pair of Cons with the skinny jeans you found lying on the floor and your boyfriend’s jumper, pull on some over the knee boots and you’re practically set for Vogue’s street style page. Actually, throw on a great coat and you might as well be a Vogue street style star.

The next great benefit is the warmth factor. You can wear thick socks, jeans and those boots and not only do you look amazing, you’re cozy as a kitten in a basket beside a roaring fire. (Aww!)


Give the tiniest glimpse of leg and wear them with a mini skirt. Slip on a big jumper and you’ll be warm, stylish and a little bit sexy, in the subtlest (so best) way.


I randomly bought a pair of flat over the knee boots about five years ago, that are not quite right for the season because the front is really pointy – like how I imagine Peter Pan’s boots are like – but they’re grey, not green. I’m going back West in a couple of week’s to dump a load of clothes in my childhood room, clothes that I don’t like any more but am not sure I want to give away just yet. Of course, as I always do, I will find some stuff I brought home the last time that I will bring back with me and those Peter Pan boots will be coming along for the ride. That is, if CM hasn’t got to them first.

Unless you have a pair of your own Peter Pans already and you only have the room in your shoe budget for one pair this season, make it over the knee boots. I expect that they’ll be hanging around for some time and you’ll wear them every day so… If you have room in your budget for two pairs get two versions – flats and heels – and thank me later.

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