For the Birds

Post by CM

I love this time of year, when the big movies garnering for last minute Oscar attention or pre-Christmas box office sales are being premiered. The biggest one on the block at the moment (with The Hunger Games and Star Wars movies hot on its tail) is the latest Bond movie, Spectre, and the red carpet trail has been fab-u-lous. Aside from Naomi Harris’s directional and interesting choices (my faves of which may become a post of their own, such is my admiration) and Monica Belluci’s ooze of effortless glamour, Lea Seydoux has been catching my eye with her constant print of choice – birds!

Her wardrobe for most of the press tour has been courtesy of Miu Miu, a brand she has a history with, having modeled for them, and she’s regularly seen at the Prada off-shoot’s shows. Its collection perfectly represents her quirky Gallic nature, and has been surprisingly versatile for both the media calls and the premieres. The bird pattern and 70s influence sets her apart and compliments her – take a gander at her bird-brained (meant in the best possible way possible) choices!

Amster Premiere
At the Amsterdam Premiere
Amsterdam Photo Call
London day
London Press Call
Mexico Day
Press Call in Mexico

I for one love the looks! The shapes are generally classic, even rather conservative and mature, but the patterns inject a touch of whimsical youthfulness that evokes a sense of otherworldliness. Her Miu Miu wardrobe doesn’t just stick to birds though, just take a look at this magnificent dress worn to the Mexican Premiere.

Mexico Prem

In case you think Lea is the only one honouring our feathered friends and Miu Miu is the only fashion house taking inspiration from them think again! Fellow blonde actress Elle Fanning looked really lovely in this Gucci gown at the premiere of her latest Academy Award bait movie, Trumbo.

Elle Trumbo GucciAre you ready to fly away with the birdies? I haven’t noticed many homages on the high street but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled. The bird motif is classic and timeless yet current, perfect for C-word ( that that one, the jingle jingle ho ho ho one) occasions. But that too is for another post…

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