‘Cause This Autumn We’ll Be Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Post by TM

I have a new favourite look and I think it’s going to be your favourite too (wanna join my gang of TMbots?)The Look follows a really simple formula: the skinniest jeans you can find + huge jumper + high ankle boots. Cosy and stylish – what’s not to love?

Now, like with all good fashion rules, this one is made to be broken to suit your own personal style. Swap the skinnies with a pencil skirt (the bottom part should have at least an element of skinniness) and if you can bear the chill, wear high pumps instead of ankle boots. Just bind it all together with one big, fat, cozy jumper.jumperjumperYes, the look is safe. And by spreading the word about it, it might become too normal to wear. But it’s a combination that if you nail, you can wear it to work, to drinks after work, to the work party (um, I think I spend too much time in the office). It’s the ultimate cool girl in autumn outfit and it suits all shapes and sizes because who knows what shape or size you might be under that massive sweater. Three cheers for it!


You don’t even have to waste money on this ensemble; who doesn’t have skinny jeans lying around the place? And a big jumper is an autumn must-have, no matter what the year. You need a great psir of ankle boots in your wardrobe (ah, yeah, I mean need) or, as I said, you’ve got alternatives in your present wardrobe anyway, as you can tell from the inspiration below:

jumperjeans ac3fy813


You don’t even have to style it per se – no cinching at the waist business or adding a chunky necklace – it’s perfectly perfect in every lazy but fashionable way.

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