Trending: Shoes – Those Chanel Slingbacks

Post by CM

Every so often there trickles a trend that takes a serious fashion influencer to champion before being embraced. You may remember seeing the throwback to decades gone by on the Chanel catwalk for A/W15 and written them off with a shrug, but when Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller gushes over them for their retro feel and comfortable height it’s time to sit up and take notice.

chanel tmcmEvery single one of the (female) models had them grace their feet. They are distinctly Chanel, aren’t they? Something that Coco herself would have worn, and it appears that this whole collection is an ode to her personal style and original vision, so who can really argue with that?


They do fit into the vintage look, but harking to the past isn’t for everyone – so how to make them modern? This is where we go back to Leandra and co. They were simply everywhere during fashion month, and the street style stars showed how versatile they can actually be!

Leandra TMCM
Leandra Medine
Leandra again!
Leandra again!
Mira Duma
Aimee Song TMCM
Aimee Song

Slingback 1 Slingback 2 streetstyle

They are kinda ‘man repelling’, there’s really nothing sexy about them at all. And maybe that’s what makes them even greater! They certainly add to the argument that women dress for other women (or more often, themselves) and not to impress the menfolk.

The mass Chanel slingback adulation brings to mind the Valentino studded t-bar revolution, led by Alexa Chung a few years ago. The shoes, in their overt sexiness and flattering shape still endure today – you can even pick up a hugely similar pair for €40 right now in Dunnes (something I’m very likely to do)!

Studs TMCM

They’re a world away from the granny chic of the slingbacks, but what renders them similar is their surprisingly classic design that can be styled up, down and all around.

Caroline Sieber TMCM
Alexa Chung with Caroline Sieber, who wears the Valentino studs
Alexa TMCM
Alexa wearing one of her pairs
Savida TMCM
Savida for Dunnes Stores, €40

So while I head out to pick up those dupes in Dunnes I will be raiding the old dressing up box for a pair similar to the Chanels. Styling will be easy as we head into party season – but that’s for another day…

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