Style Icons: Grace Jones

Post by CM

In case your friends who’ve taken Friday and Monday off work haven’t been bleating in your ear about it enough, I’m here to remind you that this weekend is Electric Picnic. If  you by some miracle are going, and you haven’t yet decided on your outfit check out our street style galleries from Picnics past here and here! If you want inspiration from one of the most badass style icons of our time, and one of this year’s, acts read on.

At 18, Jamaican born Grace Jones was discovered as a model while she was a college student in New York. She quickly relocated to Paris where she shared a flat with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange, and despite success thanks to her striking good looks and one-in-a-million personality, decided to move into music, her first love. She also forayed into acting; remember her as May Day in that James Bond flick, A View to a Kill?

Grace 1 TMCM
Way too cool for Bond

Acting wasn’t exactly her forte, but she did ok for herself, appearing alongside Arnie in Conan the Destroyer and Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, amongst others, but music is where she made her mark, and continues to be her passion

Her image, though, has made her name arguably as much as her music. Jones’s eccentric and totally unique look helped to influence androgyny in the 80s; her angular features and statuesque frame becoming the look du jour.

Grace 2 TMCM

Strong make-up is making a return this season – if you needed any convincing on how it can be done with attitude, see above.

Grace 4 TMCMNeed another reason to segue into Autumn? Just look at the amazingly cut suit jacket and little gloves paired with her red lip and over the top eye makeup. Like Grace, you have to be just a bit over confident to pull this off, but it would be a show-stopper any day of the week!

Grace 5 TMCM

Grace 7 TMCM

Her going-out outfits make my skinny jeans and heels feel woefully tame – time to break out the over-sized fez?

Grace 6 TMCM

You can’t have an icon without an iconic image, and this one, the album cover from Slave to the Rhythm is one of many that somehow manages to capture her boundary pushing vibe.

Parklife 07/06/2015

This is Grace THIS YEAR! She’s 67 you guys, and shows no sign of slowing down. Get thee to the Main Stage this Friday for 10.45 for what will surely be a performance as thrilling as her outfit choice!

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