No Budget for Fall Fashion? Here’s the Hair of A/W ’15

Post by TM

I like the way the spelling of brooch makes it seem like it should be pronounced ‘brewch’. Now that I’m used to it, I’ve got over my mental block of spelling it, the same block that has me reaching for the thesaurus every time I need to spell necessary and er, thesaurus. You need to get used to it too – brooches are back.

Prada’s a/w ’15 collection is modern gentlewoman; a beautiful, smooth after dinner sherry of a collection. It’s not exactly prim and proper, there are hints of sixties rebellion here and there and it’s not a look for grannies or even lovers of ‘granny chic’, but it can be.

prada print 2

Gloves, button-downs, handbags, all the ladylike elements are there but this season’s Prada woman is not a dweller of Downton Abbey. The unexpected colour and print combinations are eccentric, but the wearer does not reside at Grey Gardens.

The brooch, however, does not have to be new. It can certainly come out of a jewellery box belonging to grand aunt Belinda.

prada brooch centre

You don’t have to place your brooch on your lapel either. Put it anywhere you damn please! Belly button level is where Prada placed theirs; I’ll be using mine as a ‘button’ when I fold my too-big (on purpose) coat over. In fact I might use two. Or three! Oh, and I’ll be putting them in my hair. hair brooch

So I might not use an actual brooch but this is the hair style I’ll be glad to embrace this autumn. An updated top-knot, it’s that little bit more interesting (but still simple and easy) with a loose end that you keep out of your eyes with a hair brooch. If you have a teeny tiny budget, this is the best way to nod to fashion. Just do it before it catches on and becomes a trend.

Style with clean-lined, masculine tailoring and ‘bare-faced’ makeup and there you have it. brooches

Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway with a similar hair style, the bun right at the very centre of the forehead with the ends left loose.


Isabel Marant had a similar look going in her print ads.


If you have a small or non existent budget, you’re ok this season; you can more than likely just play around with pieces you already have. You’ll totally look the part with your hair styled a la Prada, Marc Jacobs or Isabel Marant. Go on though, get yourself a hair brooch. It’s the little things.

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