With Cheese Please! – Alison Brie and Brie Larson Style Watch

Post by CM

Can you tell I was slightly struggling for ideas when I sat down to write this post? Alison Brie, Community and Mad Men actress and newly minted fiance of Dave Franco has been in the news thanks to her recent engagement and new movie Sleeping with Other People; Brie Larson is already getting rave reviews for her role in soon-to-be-released film Room and she’s fresh from playing Amy Schumer’s sister in Trainwreck. They’re beautiful, they have upcoming movies coming out in common, and they both have cheese-tastic names! So there!

Now that I’ve convinced myself that this is a great idea for a fashion post, I must convince you. And convince you I will, for these are two stylish lay-dees with distinctive looks and inspiring wardrobes. So shall we knock, knock, open wide and see what’s on the other side of their magic closet doors? You’ve gouda be sure we will!

Alison Brie

Alison 1 TMCM
Alison at the Sleeping with other People premiere this week
Alison Brie 2
Alison in 2013, rocking that crop top twin set
At Sundance in January this year

Surname Brie tends to keep it simple but chic, that’s her thing and she does it well. If Trudy Campbell lived in the 21st Century her everyday stylish yummy mummy look wouldn’t be a million miles away from this. Her hair is her crowning glory; so glossy it hurts (my feelings, because mine is dull as dishwater). I’m taking special note of the last look as we head into the winter months and I’m really impressed with her crop top game. She’s a master of subtle sexiness.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson at a Trainwreck premiere
Brie at the Miu Miu show earlier this year
Brie was at Sundance too!

First Name Brie’s style is a little wilder – she experiments more with her look, sometimes getting it a little bit wrong but as she grows more comfortable in the public eye she’s increasingly getting it very right. I really like the preppy middle look, but how cool and at ease does she look in her workman’s outfit at Sundance in January? It’s definitely an indication that feeling happy in what you’re wearing is the most important thing of all.

Both women provide equal amounts of style inspo, even while their looks are as different as (yes, I’m going there) chalk and cheese (and I’m not even sorry). Both their stars are on the rise, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how their styles evolve as time goes one. Are you?

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