Styling 101: Do It Your Way – Tailor, Cuff & Roll

Post by TM

By now, everyone knows that everything a celeb wears is tailored to F—. Even if you see Jennifer Aniston in her jeans and tee and flip flops, everything she’s wearing has been bought two sizes too big and then cut and sewn up again to her exact measurements (ok, maybe not the flip flops but don’t quote me on that).

It makes all the difference.

FFN_flynet_j_aniston_072111_flynetuk_50563275If I had a trusted personal tailor on hand, and the bank balance to fund him or her, I’d do the exact same. It’s not as if it takes that much effort (if you have a PA) you can just buy stuff in The Gap or some such Jennifer Aniston-esque place and then send them off to Tina or Tim who already has your measurements from one of your monthly check ins. God, you could even get your stylist (once he or she knows you really well) to do the shopping for you, all you have to do is wear your perfectly fitting, flattering everyday clothes.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

More and more people are getting on the alteration train because it makes sense. Even if you only buy high street, none of the shapes or sizes are ever quite right because from shop to shop they are so varied – and a lot of them are drawn and designed for a ‘typical’ Asian woman’s body because that’s where they are made. Explains a lot, don’ it?

main.original.585x0-2I bought a dress recently that looked quite nice from the front but when I went home and put it on again and could see myself properly in the mirror I could see that there were lumps and bumps all over the back because my torso wasn’t long enough for it. Sigh. I could have got it altered but I only paid €15 for it when it was originally €150 or so (I know, score!) but I wasn’t completely committed to tailoring at the time so I gave it away to a charity shop so hopefully a long-torsoed babe is rocking it right bloody now.

Last week I bought a vintage leather skirt in TopShop (yeah, they do that) for a fiver – hurray! – but it cost that much only because the zip was broken. I very annoyingly paid €15 for a new one (hmmm Zip Yard) but today I got back a brand new (kind of) skirt that fits me perfectly. Yes, I only got a new zip but as an exception to the rule, it fit. It fit!

leather miniI asked around and apparently €15 for a new zip is daylight robbery and there are loads of independent alteration shops and seamstresses and tailors who quote perfectly reasonable prices, especially when you become a repeat customer – when you find yours, call me.

If professional tailoring isn’t an option for you right now there are other ways to make your outfit not look the same as everyone else’s. Enter, the cuff and roll.

Cheap trousers are made to be personalised – as far as I’m convinceed that’s why they’re cheap. You don’t buy a pair of €8 jeans from Penneys to wear them all your live long days. Showing a bit of ankle with flats or high heeled ankle boots look excellent with skinny jeans and a long t-shirt or jumper- but don’t buy a pair of jeans that are too small. Buy yours in your size of the particular shop in a a regular or long length and roll – or cut. Fringed ends are In you know.

cuffed jeansIt works with your top half too. It makes a lot of sense to buy dresses with long sleeves right now but sleeve lengths are often wrong. So, roll them. Rolled up sleeves doesn’t mean you are an uncouth, stressed newspaper man who just lost his scoop anymore, if it works for the outfit, it works. That goes for oversized, comfy shirts too.

shirt rollsThe moral is, don’t wear an item of clothing the exact same way it looks on the rail. Just because it caught your eye doesn’t mean it will suit you that way. But you can make it suit you. Just tailor, cuff or roll.


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