Face It – 21st Century Jewellery

Post by CM

What self respecting teenager in the early 2000s didn’t flaunt their mouth jewellery with pride? Not this (former) one! Forget about Invisalign, trips to the Orthodontist were made that little bit more tolerable by the multi-coloured bands picked out with pride, ready to compare and contrast with the other metal mouths. Braces may have been there to straighten up our crooked teeth, but oh! how they brightened up our pimply little faces.

Piercing fads too have been and gone. Remember that cheek one that looked a bit like a big silver spot? Then there was the charming bolt through the eyebrow. Scary Spice made popular the tongue ring, and now FKA Twigs is taking back the septum ring, and it has to be said she’s looking pretty good doing it.

fka Twigs TMCM

Take note of those hair tendrils too – Givenchy sent models down the runway with fake piercings and huge earrings, Ricardo Tisci having re-imagined the chola (Mexican and Puerto Rican gangs who adorn themselves in multiple facial piercings and heavily styled hair) as a Victorian upstart. Weird, cool and revolutionary.

Givenchy 2
Givenchy A/W 2015
Givenchy A/W 2015

Isn’t it great? From a person with a grand total of two piercings, one in each ear, the sheer brazenness of it makes me want to to break out the piercing gun. Who wants to be a bland old plain face when you can have giant jewels stuck to your skin? These gems definitely won’t be mistaken as spots, that’s for sure.

But hey, maybe that’s not quite your bag. Akiko Shinzato, a graduate of famed fashion school Central Saint Martins has been making headlines recently with her bizarre but brilliant face jewellery. She says herself that they’re not exactly practical, but they’re remarkable in their beauty and boundary pushing. Not for wearing on a night out, but amazing for wearing as a statement to a party. Or to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

Akiko 1

Akiko 3

Akiko 4

If you want to find out more, and to see the rest of the collection, visit the designer’s website here.


For now it’s not exactly feasible to fork out for Shinzato’s amazing pieces, or practical to wear the full Givenchy look when there’s a working day to be done, so I’m tamely hopping on the bandwagon with my new favourite earrings, which I picked up from Tiger for around about a fiver.

Big, brash and bold, just like the braces worn with pride of yore. Might just skip the county colours this time round.


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