The Coolest Outfit to NOT Wear This Autumn

Post by TM

It’s oft said that Scandinavian style is oh so very frickin’ cool. It took a while for the New York / London / Paris obsessed style hounds to figure it out but now fashionable Swedish and Danish style mavens have thousands of followers on Instagram.

Even though I like it, I’m sorry that Scandi-style has caught on. It’s a look I’d love to live by because it’s so simple and easy; think black, greys and beiges with the occasional hint of white or blue. Simple skinny jeans, an over sized shirt and chelsea boots – that sort of thing. Now, the look is so popular I’m thinking of abandoning it.

elin kling
Elin Kling – pic via

Look, I’m not saying I’ll start dressing like a TOWIE person – I could never, ever be that high maintenance – but I am going to have to start putting a twist on my style if I don’t want to look trendy or boring or unimaginative.

It’s happened already. I was at a lunch time event recently and I was one of three women wearing a black mini skirt and blue shirt with black tights and ankle boots. It was the work lunch equivalent of turning up to a wedding in the same Coast dress. The end of normcore is certainly nigh.

ashlet madeke

Today, I saw the most practical, comfortable looking and cool ensemble – on about five million people. One of the key Scandinavian street style looks is slightly cropped black skinny jeans, with sleek black runners (and whatever oversized or slouchy top you want) and funnily enough, not too many people in Ireland cottoned on to this look, until now.

It has to be said that many savvy Irish trend watchers have been sporting the look for a while (or a version of it) but now you can buy such runners in Penneys. It’s over!

black runners leather trousers

I don’t own a pair of black / dark runners but up until very recently (today, before I saw all the people and the Penneys version) I really wanted some. Not for sport obviously, but for everyday use. Alas, there is just no point when I would balk every time I saw someone wearing something similar. Which would be every second person at this stage.

So, I’m on a mission. I need to find an equally comfy and easy but more unique autumn look to roll out of bed and into from September on. Perhaps I will think of something, Irish women will follow suit and Dublin will become the next street style secret?

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