Wear These! Before it’s Too Late

Post by TM

I am all for wearing whatever you want whenever you want but there is a time and a place for some items; when we pass from season to season some staple items just wouldn’t look right; unless of course they are styled in a certain way – and I’m here to help with that get too.

I considered wearing a fur stole as a cover up for a wedding guest outfit a couple of weeks ago (yes, in July) and while it did looked good, it wouldn’t have fit in summer and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable. But – I will recycle the look in October.

  • Shorts


Yes, you definitely can wear shorts outside of summer months but not in the same way. Wear light coloured shorts with a white shirt and strappy sandals for the chicest work / brunch look of the season and update for autumn by investing in a tweed or tweed look tuxedo style jacket and boots with tights for autumn, winter and (probably) spring.


  • Denim jacket

Denim jackets are tricky. It’s easy to look quite blah if you wear a denim jacket the wrong way. A nice sundress and plimsoles with a denim jacket is a cute look but – it’s a cute look. Boring, basic. And summery.

On the other hand…a big, vintage style denim jacket can totally be worn all year round. Throw it over your sun dress in summer for instant cool and pair it with black skinny jeans, boots and an oversized top in autumn. Add a massive scarf in winter.


  • Sandals

When I was in school, I once wore sandals to a university open day. In March. My feet were blue and freezing – it was a total mistake and I do not know what the hell I was thinking. Sandals are summer shoes and should only be worn when it’s warm and when your feet are in good nick.

You can, however, transition out of sandal-dom (and when I say sandal I mean any shoe that exposes the toes) slower than with other summer staples as you can graduate to pairing them with jeans and other trousers well into October (or as long as your tootsies can stand it). The one rule to lead all – don’t expose blue skin when you don’t have to.


The straw hat is another summer piece that doesn’t work quite as well in other months, mostly because of its tendency to blow off. I would still wear a straw hat in the autumn / winter season if it wasn’t a straw colour. Dyed a darker hue it can absolutely top off your cosy outfit. As long as it’s a calm day.


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