Moving On – Which A/W15 Woman are You?

Post by CM

After suffering through the worst summer we’ve had in years, I’ve decided to call it a day. Because I never really got to flex my S/S15 muscles thanks to the relentless rain and unbelievably un-forecastable weather the trends sort of sadly passed me by, so that makes Autumn/Winter even more appealing – we’re practically guaranteed the crappy climate in which moody colours and sturdy shoes thrive! See ya “summer”, I’m moving on.

Maison Margiela
Maison Margiela

We talked about the Pre collections before (right here!) and our mixed feelings about them, but this season’s offerings are quite a useful guide into the tricky transitional late summer/early autumn era. The trends are basically A/W light anyway, so a bit of layering (and a lot of shag and shearling) in addition to what you might pick up now will do you for the rest of the year!

There’s also a lot of overlapping between the trends – 70s (it’s here to stay) can be mixed with boho, boho with Victorian, Victorian with goth. The long line luxe thing stands alone, but those of us who like a minamalist look will be cool with that. Although the matching seperates that fit into the playful and 70s categories could be paired back to suit that too, so the A/W trends really suit every mood.

Let’s take a look at the four major looks, and the woman who emulate them:

Playful – KATY PERRY

Katy Perry walked the runway for Moschino this year, putting her firmly in the fashion world’s eye. Her stage persona is fun and kitsch, encapsulating next season’s playful theme. Think modern 60s mod, bright clashing colours and girlish accents.

Peter Pilotto
Peter Pilotto


There’s really no escaping the 70s. Prints and patterns are key here, and a long length that sweeps the floor, gathering fallen leaves in its wake. Florence is no groupie, but this has a sort of Penny Lane, free spirited vibe to it; a wealthy heiress embarking on a history of medieval fashion degree following a year out in Tibet, if you will.


Minimalist Luxury – ASHLEY OLSEN

The Olsen girls may have the bag-lady thing down, but I can see Ashley donning the minimalist luxe look. Winter whites will be all the rage, a grown up 70s business lady off-duty look will dominate. Hoods are welcome, and laid-back but never sloppy long lines will take the look to 2015. It’s a paired back but luxurious look, which can also take the matching seperates trend on board, if everything else is kept simple.

Stella McCartney
Victoria Beckham

Pretty Goth – EVA GREEN

If you’ve ever seen Penny Dreadful, you’ll know that Eva Green’s tortured character is the poster girl for this season’s goth look. It has a pretty/ugly thing going on – a beautiful cut, on point detailing but with something unexpected like white-out eyebrows to subvert the mood.

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs
Alexander McQueen

Mix and match the looks how you see fit! I’ll be crossing goth girl with playful lolita, an unexpected, unholy combination. A little 60s pea coat, or swing coat will work with a lot of the looks and keep you cosy while it’s busy making you look cool. It’s all about using your imagination next season, which is why I’m blocking out the sun (whenever it appears) and starting now.

*Next week is a BANK HOLIDAY! Which means only one post, on Wednesday. See ya then!

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