All the Leading Ladies

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There have been a whole loada movies premiering all over the place this week – which means a whole load of fabulous gúnas to cast our eyes over. Yay for us! All eyes are on the female stars, naturally, so it’s the funnest ever to see what they (or their stylists) pull out of the bag for all the screenings they have to attend. Why so many premieres for each movie? I dunno. So we have no choice but to be fully aware that there’s a new movie that we just have to see about to come out? Yeah, that’s probably it. But enough about that, let’s have a look at what we’re all here for – the fa-fa-fashion.

Amy Schumer – Trainwreck

Celebrities attends the
Trainwreck – New York Premiere

Block colour and cage sandals combo No.1: Lovely length, great shoes, directional tailoring. A winner!

Trainwreck – Sydney Premiere

Block colour and cage sandals combo No. 2: Bit of an Elsa gone as goth as a Disney queen can do look, but I think it kinda works.

Trainwreck – Melbourne Premiere

Block colour and cage sandals combo No. 3. She knows a block colour and cage sandals combo works for her so why deviate from it? A shorter hemline this time, which is great on her, and the topknot is cool and fresh.

Rachel McAdams – Southpaw

Southpaw Premiere – Toronto

Red carpet veteran Rachel McAdams is happy to take a few risks. This fushia dress wouldn’t work on just anyone, oh no. The column style and delicate material are hard to pull off, not to mention the colour. But pull it off Rachel certainly does, the silver shoes and minimal jewellery perfectly complimenting the look.

New York
Southpaw – New York Premiere

I love this look too much – everything, but everything is right about it. Casual yet polished hair, no make-up make-up, delicate shoesies and elegant cut-out. Le sigh…

Cara Delevigne – Paper Towns


Look, it’s easy for Cara to get it right – she is a bloody supermodel after all. But it’s just a good look for her age and the teeny-bopper feel of the film. Matching cropped top and shorts are purely for the long and slender of us.

West Hollywood

We wrote about obi belts before (here!) and the trend is still going strong, if Cara is to be believed. The metallic skirt is loooovely – but is the red, gold and white theme a bit too much? I say nah.

New YorkHave I saved the best for last? Yes, I think I have. All the other looks above are spot on, but be still my beating heart with this one! The Yves Saint Laurent dress is glam but unfussy, with the silver metallics being completely un-aging. LOVE it.

Film premieres are a great way to spot style – film festivals even better! Keep an eye out for the upcoming autumn bunch – Venice is said to be beautiful in September…

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