Capsule Confidential: The Black Blazer

Post by TM

See Keri Russell in three situations and just try to argue against the black blazer being a wardrobe staple:
kerri 1

keri 2

keri 3Told you.

I’m not sure if it’s the same blazer, it doesn’t even matter, the point is your blazer can work equally as well for pottering around town, going to lunch, work and occasions. Also, how great is Keri Russell?

That’s the thing about the black blazer, that it instantly upgrades an outfit. The bad thing is…it doesn’t go with everything. It doesn’t look good with a skater dress for instance, unless you drape it over your shoulders as if your hot, jock boyfriend lent it too you when you started to feel a chill.

black blazer street styleI have a black blazer that I got sick of and wanted to buy a new one. I got it in the January sales a few years ago and it was in a tuxedo style that was trendy then but is a bit out-dated now. But, who needs or cares about trends?

I have very few nice jackets that are suitable for dressed up outfits in summer. Except for that black blazer. I threw it on over the dress I wore to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I don’t have to tell you that it was a perfect match.

MADELINE topshop dressModel Madeline Mulqueen wears the very same Topshop dress. My blazer is almost the same length.

If you don’t have one already, you can get one anywhere. My advice is not to just pick one up in the office section in Next or Dunnes, however. It has to fit well and the material shouldn’t look cheap (even if it is.)

Womens-Jackets-Coats-Blazers-To-Wear-This-Spring-6You’ll find a thousand opportunities to wear yours and you’ll wear it for years to come so there is reason to invest. Or, find a hot jock boyfriend to lend you his.

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