THE Accessory of the Summer

Post by TM

The one and only festival of the summer I’ve been to was Forbidden Fruit in Kilmainham last month and while I had a nice time walking around with plastic glasses of Bulmers with my friend for the day, I disliked the music and I was unimpressed with the crowd. Man, I’m getting old. 

Also, I wouldn’t usually frequent the same places as people ten and more years younger than me, especially places where 99% of the population are off their faces on drugs. The girls were mostly dressed in cut offs and skimpy tops and raincoats and wellies – which I am down with because it was raining. The raincoats and wellies that is, not the tiny tops. I wasn’t dressed particularly originally myself – just skinny jeans and a jumper – it was not shorts and t-shirt weather – my only embellishment was a long, light scarf that I subsequently lost which I’m friggin’ annoyed about because scarves are the best way to accessorise this summer.

mk and ashley scarves
photo courtesy of

Big, small, long, short, scarves are the answer to any summer style dilemma. When you have Nothing to Wear, just put on jeans and a plain t-shirt and drape a scarf around your neck – instant outfit elevation. Make like Mary Kate and Ashley and use a scarf as your cover up – and your picnic blanket and your like, turban. Back to festivals for a sec. Festival dressing has taken a turn this year. Alexa Chung was seen in a cool silver dress that wouldn’t look out of place at cocktail hour and Florence Welsh traipsed across the stage in a 70s style tuxedo rather than a floaty dress. I understand the cut offs and hunters uniform thing; festivals are like summer’s Halloween. Festival clothes are more like costumes these days and that’s ok. Dressing up is so much fun. It would just be nice if fewer people went as Kate Moss c. 2005. Anyway, here’s a guest of this year’s Glastonbury, wearing a cute scarf.

festival scarf
Mary Charteris – Photo courtesy of (now that’s a skimpy top)

I love that neck scarfs are back in vogue (there was a time not so long ago when to wear one would to be a first time tourist in Paris trying way too hard.) The cute little Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday thing is just delightful for a city break, in Rome or anywhere else. My scarf preference to wear it triangle style. It’s like the polo neck of summer – it can cover up a multitude of makeup and hair sins! Summer Scarf The best things about summer scarves is that they’re not just for summer. They’re also pretty affordable – or very, depending on where you shop – and there’s no harm in building up a nice, big collection. One era’s naive tourist is another’s Audrey Hepburn.

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