Silver is the New Neutral

Post by TM

I’ve already gone through two silver phases in my life. The first was when I was picking out outfits for my Confirmation (yes, I had a silver dress for my Confirmation) and the next was around the time of the Millennium when I was in quite the space age mind set. 

It’s happening again but in a more subtle way. In a shoe way.

silver sandals

The silver shoe is the answer. To what? Why to your summer style dilemmas. Forget (seriously, absolutely forget) Kate Middleton nude pumps, silver shoes are the new neutral. Actually they are better than neutral because they are silver and silver is the colour of jewellery so silver shoes are kind of like jewellery for your feet!

The outfit above is a pretty ordinary denim skirt and white tee. If she was wearing runners instead of those simple but chic heeled sandals you wouldn’t give her a second glance but just look how they elevate the ensemble without drawing too much attention. Perfect for brunch, lunch or a summer dinner.


Same goes for this neutral toned look. I don’t think any other pair of shoes would work!

silver brogues

They don’t have to be high. Brogues are brilliant flat options and they are even better when they are in a metallic tone.


Ella Catliff was snapped out at about at LC:M this week. Her dress is very pretty and pairing it with the leather jacket is a good move and the strappy silver sandals top (or should I say bottom?) it all off.

They go with everything!

Shoes 2CM has even gotten in on the act! This is what she’s wearing to work today…

ShoesShe found hers in New Look – they’re from last year but you can find silver shoes here, there and everywhere on the high street!

If you are having a summer shoe crisis now you have an answer. But buy them now and wear them every chance you get; silver phases run out.

*Edit: An earlier version of this post did not contain the CM pics. For shame!

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