Under Cover for Summer: Jackets, Shawl or…Coat?

Post by TM

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve acquired a few items of clothing that I am going to assemble to form a wedding guest outfit (for myself, for when my friend gets married in July.) 

It’s simple; I got a mid-length skirt, a camisole top and strappy heels but today it occurred to me – what the hell will I put over it when it gets cold? Even though it is Ireland and it might be properly cold in July I refuse to wear a coat. For one thing, it won’t go with the look, for another it will be July for God’s sake.

midi skirt cami top strappy heels

An easy solution and I bet you’re thinking it too, is a shawl or pashmina. Hmm. I don’t think I can do it. There are so many alternatives out there and shawls are a little bit passé. But admittedly handy when you have nothing else (and it can double as a picnic blanket if you find yourself on some grass or a blanket blanket if you find yourself at a late night summer soirée and you’re getting a little sleepy.

Summer cover-ups are no problem for ordinary days. An open shirt is a great solution and of course there’s the denim jacket, parka, and the humble cardi to keep you covered if there’s a bit of a chill. It’s event wear that can be hard to finish off.


A very stylish option is a light blazer in a bright colour. It works well with pencil skirts and trousers and can be shoulder-robed á la Jamie Chung for optimum chicness.


A blazer may not work as well with fuller skirts (unless it’s one that belongs to a handsome fellow who lent it to you as the sun went down) so a short classic Chanel style jacket would work for this style.

I was browsing through the Carolyn Donnelly section in Dunnes the other day and was pleased to come across some lovely (but expensive, for Dunnes) summer coats. Now that’s an option I didn’t consider, but it’s a great one! The one below also comes in silver and costs €159. Summer coats will last well into autumn with layering, so they could well be worth the investment.


If you are colour blocking or your outfit is based on one colour palette, another nice idea is a kimono or a kimono style top.

kimono style top

Leather jackets, ‘traditionally’ used in fashion to funk up a look can work but only when you are careful about it – because it can also look try-hard or sloppy. Fine lines!

leather jacket and dress

I still haven’t got a cover up for the wedding outfit I’ve put together but I’ve given myself a few ideas now. The power of brain-storming. Which option would you go for?

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