Notes from a Wedding

Post by TM

It was the May Bank Holiday 2015 and one of my best friends got married. It’s all over now (the wedding part, not the marriage – she’s not a Kardashian) and I’m sad. But Suzanne, if you’re reading this, I wish you a long life of happiness with your new husband!

The only upside of the comedown is that I witnessed so much wedding guest inspo I know exactly what to wear to the million other weddings I’m going to this year. Huzzah!

Choosing an outfit and dressing up for a wedding is great fun. Too many people stress over it and cause themselves undue misery – there’s no need. There are rules of course, but I don’t mean the snooty Dos and Don’ts that some wedding etiquette guides want to ruin our fun with.*

So if you are ready for me to dole out my new found but stellar wisdom (I promise) here are the top tips I learned about spring / summer and probably autumn if we’re honest 2015 wedding season.

wedding guest chicDon’t worry about the hat if you’re worrying about the hat. While hats still look amazing – and a wedding is a brilliant opportunity to get to wear one – you don’t have to wear one. That goes for fascinators too.

If you can only invest in one item this wedding season make it the shoe. You can craft many beautiful ensembles around one pair of shoes and wearing them more than once is not the same as wearing the same dress more than once. And no matter how show-stopping your statement is you won’t upstage the bride! Zara have some gorgeous ones at the mo and they won’t break the bank either.

zara shoes 2

zara shoesIf you’re not too hot for the idea of a high heel when you’ll be on your feet for a good portion of the day Zara has nice block heels too that you will be comfortable in and you can wear to work if you like.

low heelWear a block colour. Prints and patterns are wonderful, and they are in this season, but if you have loads of weddings this year picking a one-colour dress is a better option. They’re easier to accessorise for one thing and because it’s easier to accessorise it’s easier to reuse again and again.


red wrap dressAn awful lot of people will be wearing navy lace this wedding season. And I don’t blame them, it’s a great look. Just saying though, a lot of people will be wearing navy lace.

bridesmaid navy laceThat said, don’t be put off wearing dark colours if that’s what you really want to wear.

dark coloursBecause the number one rule for wedding guest dressing is to wear something you’re comfortable in. Wear a fancier version of what you’re used to. Wear shoes with a height you’re ok with. Don’t be afraid to wear black if you want to wear black. Show your personality.

But, do think of the bride. Don’t be selfish and turn up in a white floor length dress because it’s ‘you’. When all is said and done, it’s her affair, not yours.

ashley olsen
bag lady wedding chic

*However, and I don’t mean this in a bad way…ok I do, please don’t dress like one of those lager swilling ladies who frequent the races at Aintree in too short skirts and too big shoes. And too orange tans.

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