In the Shades

Post by TM

My walk to work this morning persuaded me to buy prescription sunglasses or more contact lenses and another (few) pair of shades. It’s that or botox.

My brow is permanently furrowed these days. Not because I’m mad or grumpy all the time but because I’m old and the last thing I need to do is deepen the crevices by squinting at the sun. The best way to combat this without shelling out tons of money on needles full of poison is to drop a couple of quid on a few trendy pairs of shades from the high street. 2b83560018740cfa3363dbe611ce581c Sunglasses are hard accessories to get right. People spend hours choosing their spectacles and by rights they should spend a similar amount of time on their shades. The beauty of sunglasses however, is that they are sold everywhere and are really cheap. Hurray! A different pair of sunnies for every outfit it is! By far the most popular sunglass styles you see on the street are aviators and after that wayfarers and Ray Bans are probably the most well known and coveted sunglass brands. I love ’em too, but I lost a pair of €15 aviator style sunglasses recently and they were the most expensive ones I’d ever owned so it’s Penneys, New Look and, er, the Euro Store for me.  More about that later. aviator There’s a reason aviators and wayfarers are popular – they’re both classic styles that are pretty much universally flattering. 067a870ff8a19e190fba6ac38e323485 Flattering but boring. Sure, have a couple to spare lying around because they’ll definitely go with something you’ll be wearing some time but embrace other styles. I bought a pair in H&M a couple of years ago that I’ve only started to wear again because of the previously mentioned €15 aviator style sunglasses I was loyal to. Until I dropped them somewhere. The H&Ms I have are a greenish colour, which is unusual for sunglasses and an unusual choice for me because I’m so boring when it comes to face decoration. They are just like Patty Hewes’ pair in Damages (but as I said, green.) I quite love not wearing aviators or wayfarers. e2aef83b1f4fbf9d5587a389a3049c90 Remember when huge shades were In for a while? That was a great time. The bigger the better for protecting the face from sun damage and wrinkles and of course for disguising one’s hangover. That time’s not quite over mind, you had just better choose your oversized sunnies wisely. You don’t want to do Paris and Nicole c. The Simple Life. Try these for size. Street Style On February, 16 - London Fashion Week Womenswear A/W 2013 I was in the Euro Store last week getting the kinds of bits and bobs you get in Euro Shops and noticed a rack of quite the fetching sunglasses. Clubmaster style, which is just what I’ve been looking for, I would have snapped them up had I not been wearing my seeing eye glasses at the time so couldn’t tell if they were actually nice or not. 743610bfec7c48267dbd5d1e8e53afd1 I’m wearing contacts tomorrow and will drop in. I’ll keep you informed.

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