It’s Curtains for You! – The S/S15 70s Trend

Post by CM

Everyone’s favourite nuns ‘n’ nazis saga, The Sound of Music, is 50 years old this week. An iconic childhood movie memory for most, who hasn’t spun around like a hippy on fresh air on a mountain top in reference to the famous opening scene, or sung countless rounds of Doh-a-Dear in an effort to learn the scales? Don’t deny it; you have, I have, we all have. But not everyone can magic a pile of curtains into perfectly functional childrenswear.

Curtains TMCMYou go, Maria! Captain von Trapp may have been appalled by his offspring being trussed up in granny’s drapes, but thanks to the major trend of S/S15, the 70s, those kids would have been right at home in 2015. Before their time they were. Before their time… Everyone thinks of flares, florals and sharp collars when they think 70s, but a groovy pattern can reference the trend in a more subtle and unexpected (read: chicer way).

So! How can you make the wallpaper/curtain/sofa look work for you? You don’t need access to reams of patterned fabric, or to be a dab hand with a needle and thread, you don’t even need to trawl the charity shops for that perfect floral polyester blouse (because they’ve all been snatched up already by the cool kids, natch) – all you need to do is look to the high street to play catch-up.

River Island
River Island Pacha Dress

You’d blend nicely into Vera Duckworth’s wallpaper in this River Island number! This would genuinely be lovely for a summer’s day, casual yet eye-catching. The back has a really nice detail, making it look more expensive than it is – you can shop it here!

New Look
New Look

You can get this New Look dress via ASOS here. The beauty is that it can be dressed up or down, so if you’re unsure of the dress code for some upcoming event this would tick all the boxes, just add appropriate jewellery and accessories!


What a fun print; this will lift your mood while managing not to be too cute, thanks to its black background. It’s quite a youthful take on the look – in fact it’s a dead ringer for young Sally Draper’s look in Mad Men’s newest season, which jumps forward to, where else, the 70s when it returns next week! (Find it here)

Sally D
Coast Rhianna

A little less brash, but no less noteworthy, this Coast dress can be purchased on Irish fashion site OPSH here! This is the clever way of nodding to the trend – I love the all over print, but be careful of going too mad and running the risk of ending up like this:

Lest we forget

So there you have it, curtains it is. And don’t forget, it was Mad Men that brought upon the huge resurgence in 60s silhouettes, so now that it’s moved into the 70s I guess it’s time to follow suit!

megan-and-don-draper-mad-men-season-7-premiere-215x300It’s back on in the US of A on Easter Sunday and returns to this side of the pond on Sky Atlantic on April 9th – let’s tune in and chat on twitter on the night!

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