Buttoned Down

Post by TM

I have an item of clothing in my wardrobe that has had many the outing over the past few years. Only now, however, is it actually trendy. Well apart from when I got mine. And, like, 40 years ago. 

I bought my button down denim skirt in Korea five years ago when it was the perfect item for the hot summer months I had to spend in a classroom teaching. Modest, yet cute it was work appropriate and I could work around it if I was going from work to play. Which I did. A lot. denim skirt There hasn’t been an on trend item of clothing this versatile since the denim shirt made a comeback (which isn’t surprising since they are sartorial cousins.) Touching on the 70s trend, it’s something that can suit all shapes and sizes just as long as it’s styled right. My skirt is quite short and semi-high waisted but the beauty of the button down denim skirt is that it looks good in all lengths, although the longest hemline you should go this SS15 is midi. It can be high or low waisted and the guideline shape is A-line. denim semi casual Think of the button down, A-line, denim skirt as your new jeans alternative. Wear it paired with a chunky knit and later on in spring with a slouchy Breton top. Add an ankle boot or low heeled, low key heel like the one above for meeting your gal pals for brunch or pair with a loose t-shirt, long cardigan and flats for a jaunt around town. alione You dress your skinny jeans up for night-time shenanagins, do the same with your button down skirt. A high sandal like the one below from Fendi would do the job just fine. No need to go over board on jewellery when you have a statement shoe. I would pair it with a short sleeved shirt like Alexa’s in the image below with some collar-bone length layered necklaces. fendi Although I focus on the button down denim skirt, a cordoroy or suede version look amazing and can be worn day to night too. OK, the example below doesn’t have buttons but it’s the same idea and Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo, in their own individual interpretations, have got the styling spot on. And let me tell you a little secret – the skirt’s from M&S! It’s from their pricer range but still, M&S! It should be in stores in May. alexa Olivia Suede Skirt You are going to get a lot of use out of this handy item this Spring Summer and well into Autumn Winter too.

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